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    Creative Solutions?

    MikeDrea Wayfarer
      My accountant uses Creative Solutions by Thompson. Does anyone have any experience with accounting software package?

      Currently, I'm using Quickbooks - I'm a business owner.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Creative Solutions?, Welcome Mike

          tell us more?? Where are you?? What kind of business?? How long?? ETC

          I am a Quickbooks Consultant and love it.

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            CoachMike Wayfarer
            Creative Solutions is an accounting software for accountants to use in keeping their clients books. It is high end software and is designed to allow the accountant extreme flexibiltiy in creating financial statements as well as integrating with tax software.

            It is not really intended for a business owner. If memory serves the Creative Solutions software can import your QuickBooks data but I am not certain.

            Did you have a particular question in mind regarding the software?

            Mike Crosa QuickBooks Coach