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    Unsecured Growth Capital Needed

    RobHF1 Newbie
      We are a small company that has reached the limit of our lending capabilities. We supply an Electronics Search & Supply company with the funds it needs to supply U.S. Military Sub-Contractors with the parts and components they need to keep the systems operating. We have been operating for 2.5 years and have grown to $6M in total liquid assets. The contracts from the Sub-Contractors mature on a 60 days cycle. We have 2 contracts on alternating months, each with close to or double digit returns.

      The company we supply is looking to obtain contracts in the $5M-$10M range, and would need a funding source that is capable of growing beyond that. This would mean we need a source for $10M-$15M to be safe. So we don't waste anyone's time, we have been an LLC for 1 year, and the primary owner has credit scores ranging from 650-670. We do not have a "Business" credit history, other than we have been supplying this company with the funds it needs.

      Ideally we are looking for an Unsecured Line of Credit that we can tap to help this company continue it's growth rate for the next 3 years.