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    Looking For Entrepreneurs Who Want A Different Opportunity

    ipmentor Wayfarer
      Hello. You may be asking, "Is this MLM?"

      No. It is not mlm.

      It is probably not like anything you have ever seen because there have historically been very few of these companies around. But now they are cropping up everywhere, and because of the way the economy has progressed over the last 15 years it will only continue to drive more companies like this one. And because of that there is a need to expand rapidly and effectively.

      Here is what is possible:
      1. You get to work wherever you want. I don't care what city, state or country - you pick what works for you.
      2. You get to pick the product. I don't mean from a list I give you, I mean you pick the product entirely.
      3. You get to set your own hours. There is no quota. You are your own boss.
      4. You get to set your own financial goals. Want to make $500K + next year? Go for it. Want to make $75K and fish every day? Fine with me.
      5. You get to decide how online/offline. You can do this either way. A combination of both works best but you don't have to do it that way.

      Here is what you must bring to the table:
      1. The ability to treat people well and get along with others
      2. A strong ability to and love for helping others (I'm not looking for "Dr. Phil", just someone who enjoys working with others enough to do it everyday
      3. Experience as an entrepreneur (failure is OK -provided you learned from it)
      4. Coachability - You will be in a student/learning mode for a while so it is important that you can be a student and a leader regardless of your age

      If this describes you we should talk - sooner rather than later. Our business model - even our industry - is changing rapidly and there is an opportunity for you to benefit from these changes. If you have wanted to start a business and were not sure which one to start, or you have many interests, this is a great solution for you - financially and emotionally.

      Contact me using the info provided in the members section. If you get voice mail I will call you back most likely the same day. But move quick because once I fill the spots they are gone.




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          bbobbitt45 Wayfarer
          it seems very interesting but I would love to know more because it sounds more to me like any other offer out there to try to work from home.
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              ipmentor Wayfarer
              Hello BBobbitt45,

              Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to share more and I think you will find it is remarkably different from typical work-from-home propaganda.

              Most work-from-home programs want you to in some way sell their stuff - whatever that may be. They offer you a commission and in many cases they provide the fulfillment of the goods purchased. Their business model views the work-from-home person as an outsourced sales force. You sink or swim based on your ability to sell their products. They assume a certain churn rate (failure rate) will occur so they always keep a pipeline of new meat going in order to maintain desired sales levels.

              There are a few other models out there that don't pay commission but pay a fixed rate for a role you play - say, customer service or order taking, etc. In that model you get choose your hours but your role is fixed for you.

              1. You are not our sales force
              2. You do not sell 'our stuff'
              3. We do not pay you a commission
              4. We are not interested in constantly replacing people
              5. You do not sink or swim based on your ability to sell
              6. We do not define your role
              7. We do not fix or in any way predetermine your pay

              We are interested in licensing our system to you on a risk-free basis
              You use our system to identify what you want products you wish to be involved in - you don't choose from our list you pick from the entire planet
              You choose the role you play and we show you how to fill the other gaps for the roles you don't play
              You don't have to invent the wheel - we have the wheel and you can use it through the license
              You can work from and in pretty much any free country with broadband - or you can target pretty much any country w/ same - a few exceptions there but the point is you have far more opportunity than restriction, and you get to determine your own comfort level w/ choosing a country

              In our system you are in control of:

              What products you associate with
              What role and skill set you wish to focus on and we show you how to balance that out with others who have different skills
              The amount of time devote
              The amount of money you wish to make
              The type and location of people you wish to work with most
              And you the diversity of opportunities you wish to develop - by that I mean you can literally build a portfolio of very diverse interests that fits you


              What we are doing works best for:


              People who want a change of career
              People who have figured out that one source of income - even it is a steady job - is a source of risk and they want a way to figure out how to create more than one source without getting sucked into get-rich-quick schemes
              People who are naturally good mentors, coaches, project managers, communicators, advisors
              People who are existing consultants and desire to expand their offerings or expand their geographic opportunities
              People who have specialized expertise in an industry and want to leverage that expertise on more of their own terms


              Hope this clears up the difference. Thanks for the question. Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.