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    Let them scratch your back

    PhilippKnoll Wayfarer
      I found a neat tool you could use for your website. It is called ScratchBack.
      What is does is allowing your website visitors, who hopefully value what you have to offer, to tip you for your effort. You will end up feeling pretty good about yourself and make a few extra dollars.

      This is a really nice way for your visitors to show appreciation for what you are doing.

      All it takes to get started is to sign up for this free service! You will create a widget and include it into your website. What your visitors get in return is a link back to their site, or any other site they wish to promote.

      It simply is a nice tool for your website, giving you the chance to earn some money!
      What you need to do is value this small signs of appreciation.

      Check out my article at . You can even test this feature at my site.

      Please let me know what you think of ScratchBack. If you decide to include it into your site, send me a message using the contact form at my website. Provide the link to your site. I am considering to post an article about new websites using ScratchBack. For that reason I would be interested in your ScratchBack results.

      Philipp Knoll

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      I am not an affiliate of Scratchback. They do not have an affiliate program. I am supporting this TopSpot widget because I believe it is a really nice tool and a lot of fun to include into your website. Plus, it is for FREE!