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    Credit Card

    rizzy07 Newbie
      I want to be able to accept credit cards for my business. Anyone can tell me how to get started. Where are the best deals?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          If you are just getting started you may want to check out PayPal.
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            DDBS0712 Newbie

            I agree. Paypal is a great beginning resource. We utilize the paypal link on our website for client online payments. You may also want to check with your bank's merchant services department. Bank of America has an excellent turnaround time for fund transfers. Hope this helps. K. McCoy,
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              amspcs Ranger
              Paypal is an OK solution. Google checkout even better. Neither is a substitute for a 'real' merchant account IS a big difference. Both have their pluses and minuses. Yes, we are in the 'real' merchant account business, but we recognize and have recommended without hesitation the need of 'alternative' processing solutions for startups. We have long encouraged 'walk before you run'.

              About Paypal, check out this site:
    * which will explain many of the reasons why we have ceased recommending Paypal in favor of Google checkout.

              Bottom line: Paypal, Google or whatever alternate payment system are worthy parts of any electronic payment arsenal. But to make them the entire system only (in other words, using them only instead of a real merchant account) is shortsigned and counterproductive. For one reason, there are lots of people out there who do not trust and will refuse to provide their cc# to these alternate sights,which means lost business for you. Fund holdbacks, chargebacks and other issues are also concerns. Yes, these apply to all processing solutions, not just PayPal., but not in the epidemic proportions common with PP.

              That said, we appreciate the cost concerns for a new business having to foot the bill for merchant account AND secure gateway AND shopping cart (all three are separate necessary components of ecommerce payment processing capability--I assume you are an ecommerce merchant). There is a temporary starter program that bridges the gap between Paypal/Google and a real merchant account. There are no startup costs involved, no equipment or software to buy, rent or lease, no long term contracts or early term fees, the software, secure gateway and virtual terminal applications are all included at one low cost ($12.95 per month), and it is a real merchant account underwritten by Intuit, a Fortune 500 company. You might want to strongly consider this in addition to your Paypal/Google or whatever payment options.

              Review the program and apply online at this link;

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                whalteva Wayfarer
                Hi, email me and I'll put you in touch w/whom to talk to. Thanks
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                  BusyMom Newbie
                  Try Cyberauthorize.Com. They offer a full suite of credit card , and electronic check solutions. They specialize in eCommerce solutions for small to medium sized businesses! Call them, and tell them what kind of business you have, and they will advise you what solution is best for your situation. Their processing rates are great. Your funds are deposited into whatever business checking account you specify. They represent several processors, so they focus on giving the merchant client only what their business needs. No high pressure sales, no buyers remorse. Best of all they don't dissappear after the account has been set-up!