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    In Need Of A Small Business Loan Quickly - Please Read

    larmay25 Newbie
      Hey guys, I'm in desperate need of a small business type loan in the
      amount of $5500. My business is an LLC (, licensed by the state of
      Missouri, my income is strictly from online sales and I am paid three
      times a week via direct EFT deposit into my business bank account. I've
      been in business for over three years, so my business is very stable.
      My credit however, business and personal, is not stable, due to health
      issues that my parents have been dealing with for years. My father is
      in clinical trials in Houston for nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a very rare
      form of cancer, and that's one reason that my finances have taken a
      hit, the trips back and forth are more and more expensive every time
      because of gas prices, and he goes about once every 4-6 months, with
      two round trips needed per injection (two stem cell injections two
      weeks apart). In my financial support for them, my business and
      personal finances have been drug under so badly, and my business is
      extremely profitable, however I'm too deep to dig out and I've been
      trying to for more than two months and it's just not improving quickly
      enough. Without a loan, or something else breaking for me, I will more
      than likely lose my business, which currently averages $4800/month
      roughly. It's a confusing and complex situation which I would be more
      than happy to describe upon contact, my parents just closed on their
      bankruptcy, and that frees me to clean my business and life finances
      up, but it's gone on for so long that I can't make enough fast enough
      to dig out.

      I would be more than happy to pay back interest and work with you on
      the terms of the loan in any way possible, and this could be either a
      business or personal loan, it wouldn't matter to me, but I need this
      very soon to catch up many things, including rent on my warehouse,
      shipping fees, purchase shipping supplies and new inventory to continue
      to operate efficiently. I have a wonderful wife and a two-year old son,
      my family is everything to me, and I don't want to let them down. This
      is my family's only source of income, and my wife works with me in the
      business, there's simply no time for us to get additional sources of
      income since we work the business 10 hours a day and take care of my
      parents as well.
      Is there any way you can help? Please contact me if you can, and I
      realize the interest you may need could be high, due to the nature of
      the loan, I'm willing to work with you in any way to try and get this
      done. Email me if you can help, and from there we can either meet or
      talk on the phone, either one, and I would be happy to answer any
      questions you may have.
      Thank you so much for your time in reading.