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    Computer Solutions for Your Business

    Archangel Adventurer
      Finding the right source for computers and related service and support can be difficult. You can call Dell or HP, but then you're paying more than you should, and getting less than you might otherwise be able to get. So what's the solution? You need to find someone local that does what they do. Unfortunatly, there isn't always someone like that, but if you're in Southern California it's not a problem. In fact, ArchangelPCS can do more for you than Dell or HP could ever possibly do, and we can do it for less than they could ever dream. Find any Dell or HP configuration and we'll deliver a better computer in quailty, capacity, performance and support options and do it for at least $100 less per computer. All our computers include:
      • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
      • Three year warrantee on parts and labor.
      • Three years full on site sercvice and support.
      • Delivery, installation and configuration, including transfer of data.
      In addition, we also offer a "Refurbishment in Place" service. This service can get you effectively new computers for half the price of new computers. We also offer warrantee and service levels of refurbished systems. Whether you need new computers or are interested in refurbushing your existing computers we can deliver products and services on levels the competition can't even begin to match. Check us out at or call (818) 745-0735.