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    Florial and Food Partnership

    rizzy07 Newbie
      I'm seeking to open a florist on the go business partnered with a food business, meaning the florist and food company would deliver flowers and food to local hospitals, homes, shelters etc. however I'm not sure if its a good idea to do the business from home. Any advice?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Floral and Food Partnership, Welcome

          *If I *was planning on opening a florist on the go business partnered with a food business,
          I would do TWO things.

          Prepare a Business a Plan and Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE
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            devaney Adventurer

            The challenge with floral and food is that everything is perishable. You'll need to manage your inventory so you don't have any costly spoiled goods. Will you be running the flower business portion only? Or do you have a stake in the food business as well? I can see how both businesses go hand in hand - - imagine having food catered and flowers. Usually, you have to go to two different vendors, but the luxury of having it delivered together is great. Good concept.
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                chefstacy Wayfarer
                If you are planning to do a food business with the florist business you have to have your house inspected by the health board and you have to pass certain standards from what i understand most everyday houses won't pass that test. Check with the local health board because being a personal chef i am able to cook in the person's home but i can not cook from my home and then deliver it.. Cross contamination, temp issues and other problems occur. Good luck and hope things work out
                Chef Stacy