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    Public transportation affecting the business

    rizzy07 Newbie

      Have you noticed that riders have been flocking public transportation recently. With gas prices of $4-a-gallon who wouldnt take the public transportation? what is everyone doing to be able to keep there business running? If your business is not by a public transportation stop, is business still running like before? What about your employees, are they getting to work earlier or later because of public transportation schedule?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Public transportation affecting the business, Welcome

          *YES I *noticed that riders have been flocking public transportation recently.

          It also depends on where one lives like a city (Chicago) or the suburbs.
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            RickFelten Adventurer
            rizzy07, I think that it is city-dependant. Like Luckiest points out, cities with excellent mass transit like Chicago or NYC people will use the system. I've had the opportunity to use both and found them very good.

            Cities/metro areas like Denver have totally missed the boat. Among other fatal flaws, it has suffered from poor planning and budget overruns.

            As with most challenging economic times, it challenges employees. To the extent we business owners can use flex-time and other measures to help them, we will all make it through.

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              puzzleman Tracker
              At my business, my employees have the flexibility to work the hours that fits their life. So, I do have employees the ride public bus, carpool, ride bicycle(myself) and ride scooters to work. They all understand that by the end of the week we need the scheduled work to be shipped out.

              When my employees found out about a local firm that was supplementing their employees gas purchase as long as gas was over $3.00 / gallon, they wanted me to do the same. I offered to buy them bikes as they all live within 7 miles of the shop. No one has taken me up on my offer, yet.

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                  BRMcHenry Adventurer

                  My two businesses are on a busy commute path and street. When I bought the first one 4 years ago there were 40,000 cars a day going by. Last year it was 35,000 cars a day, and I'll be very interesting to see what the city surveys say for this year - they are going to be released on Tuesday of next week I believe. We're in one of the hardest hit regions of the country "housing" wise - currently #1 on the foreclosure list. I had a lot of clients in the construction and real estate trade that are gone. Both our businesses are down, but I feel like its ride through this down cycle and survive - then things will be better.