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    Finding honest and trustworthy employees

    Howard Adventurer
      I own a small convenience store that has been family run for 5 years. We're in a financially solid position now and ready to hire my first employee. We've been working non-stop around the clock, with even our kids chipping in after school. I'm looking forward to hiring my first employee as this will free up our time. My wife and I have been going back and forth on she's concerned about trust related issues. How do I find a trustworthy, honest employee to help run our family business?
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          caffeinated Scout

          Welcome to the community! Its great to see someone ask for something other than money. I'd first turn to see if your friends and family could recommend someone.

          Check out this member's story too about background checks.

          Best of luck!

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            Iwrite Pioneer
            Check with some of the local religious organizations and see if they may know of someone in need of employment.

            Another important but sometimes overlooked part of the trust issue is your procedures and policies. If you have a clear policy that you do not stray from and a procedure that reduces opportunity for temptation like:

            A schedule for dropping all large bills into a time-locked safe that only management can open
            Only keeping a small amount of money in the register at any time
            Very seldom opening the safe in the late night hours
            Keeping runs to the bank irregular

            This along with background checks will help with the trust issues.

            I hope they help.
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              Howard Adventurer
              this is all very helpful! thank you. I especially like the idea of ensuring my procedures in the store are designed to prevent any potential for dishonest behavior.
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                Consultme911 Newbie
                I suggest you use staffing agencies.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Finding honest and trustworthy employees.

                  Good question. Do you trust your wife?? WHY

                  The same is true with employees
                  \\< \\ • \\ > \\


                  Employers should be doing background and reference checks on all
                  potential employees since many resume writers "write good fiction."
                  Many firms have begun the use of assessment screening to gain entry
                  into the areas that cannot be obtained from the application and
                  interview process.
                  Hiring smart is only the first step in dealing with issues of honesty and dependability.
                  It is vital to create a caring and nurturing environment. Research
                  suggests that one of the most effective theft deterrents is to treat
                  employees well by providing them with an encouraging, nurturing

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                    Howard Adventurer

                    i like the suggestion of background checks. Super idea. You never know these days. I think I saw a background checking company listed on this website somewhere??? I may look into it today. I have to go to the store in a few minutes. If I had the extra help I could be playing tennis this Sunday.
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                      JVCruz Adventurer
                      Just an opinion:

                      There is no guaranteed way of finding and keeping a trustworthy, honest employee - even with all the checks (i.e. background, credit, references). Once you've done all the checks, the face to face or final interview may give you a better "feel" of the individual applying. A probationary period of 30 to 90 days would also let you see how this individual will suite your needs and whether this individual is trustworthy enough to stay on. Open communication, definite policies in place, job description and requirements, and other factors will assist in defining the nature of the relationship between business and employee.


                      Best of Luck.
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger

                        As already noted, background investigations are very useful, as are some psychological testing instruments (although you probably won't do enough long-time hiring to make it worth investing in those).

                        The most reliable predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation (93 percent accurate, according to some studies). During the interview, ask what are called "behavior description" questions. For instance, if you want to predict honesty and trustworthiness, you might say, "Tell me about a time when it would have been easy to steal something and not get caught" or "Talk about a time when someone trusted you and you let them down." Give the candidate plenty of time to come up with examples (even if it means sitting in silence for 15 seconds), and then ask probing follow-up questions to learn the feelings and thought processes that the person went through, the lessons that were learned, etc. All of us are faced with temptation, and all of us have fallen short of expectations at some time or another -- whether or not a person can own up to that fact, and what he or she says about that experience will reveal a lot more of the "real" person than "traditional" interview questions will.

                        As another example, I always ask our customer service candidates this one: "Good service means different things to different people. Thinking back over your experience with customers, what were some of the differences you saw in the type of service that people expected from you?" Candidates are rarely prepared for a question like that, so I don't get "rehearsed" responses. Yet anyone who has actually served customers can talk about that one for a half-hour -- and what they say tells me all I need to know about their attitudes regarding service. You can do the same with questions about any behavior you're looking for.

                        Hope that helps some. Good luck.

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