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    About online business opportunity

      Hi all,

      I'm thinking of joining one of online business opportunity. The program name is Global Domain International. Is any of you even heard it or experience with it? Is it legal business?

      Any help greatly appreciated.

      Here is link to their program
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          About online business opportunity, Welcome

          I googled Global and got the following. Hope it helps

          Two men Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir were already
          successful online with an online phone company. However being men of
          vision they saw the growing market in domain names and wanted to start
          a company to take part in this new growing wave, namely taking the
          internet into the average home.


          They wanted a top level domain
          name - they are only a number of limited options. Eventually they
          settled on .ws the domain ending for Western Samoa. A small pacific
          nation with limited population and a less technological lifestyle had
          little use for a top level domain name. They wanted to change .ws into
          'WEBSITE' and take it to the world.


          Getting an agreement meet
          rejection along the way but eventually through determination they
          achieved success and now how do the Samoa's feel about it ...


          originally wanted to wait to see just how well we performed," Mike
          said. "They proposed that, as a test, our Company had to produce 15,000
          registrations in just three years. We did that in the first month,"
          Alan proudly stated. "The Nation of Samoa now receives a percentage of
          all .WS domain sales that GDI generates, and is delighted with our
          success. Our company is proud of a freshly minted, unprecedented,
          12-year exclusive international agreement to distribute .WS worldwide,
          with first right of renewal."+


          This gives partners in GDI a
          good level of certainty and a future. I have no doubt that the first
          right of renewal will be activated


          They had stated there goal is to make .ws the biggest domain name in the world and overtake .com - a huge goal.


          they were already successful selling domain names to multi-national
          companies in 2003 they started a network marketing program. It took 9
          months to produce the full GDI network marketing program including
          flash movies, programing, etc.


          The package costing only $10 a
          month including a domain name and web hosting, email, inbuilt editor
          and more. It represents the easiest and most simple way for the average
          person to get online.


          The reward package is simple as well -
          every person you introduce to Global Domains International earns you a
          $1 a month. Easy to understand and easy to explain.


          I shouldn't
          have to tell you about the home growth of the internet. Global Domains
          International allows people as simple way to get their own internet
          real estate.


          85% of people who take the free trial stay with the company. That's how popular the product is.

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            websolutions Tracker
            Komrad, I think you are already joined with this program because when you follow the URL you have provided it shows your full name as being the affiliate.

            I my self would not participate in such program-if you really want to earn good money in the future ask me how.

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              greatshoes Wayfarer

              I think you get a great idea, the only thing is to consult the lawyer to check it out legal or illgeal.
              here I also have a online business opportunity, buy wholesale products through and resell in your city.
              this is a win-win business, anyone interested, feel free to email