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    mexicanTamale Newbie

      How much should I spend on advertising online,,,and do you know of good companies

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          puzzleman Tracker
          I could tell you spend no less than $5,000 for online promotion, but that is my plan, not yours.

          A better question that you need to ask yourself is how much are you planning to use on advertising total.
          Then how much of that will be for newspapers, magazines, local publications, national publications and online.

          You have to figure your online spending along with all of your advertising. Another factor to figure in is your gross profit on your products. How much of each product sold can you afford to give up to advertising? How many units will you be sell based on the advertising? What is the total number?

          Check out SCORE for help in determining a business plan that will include advertising.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Advertising, Welcome

            How about a Million dollar??. What are you advertising??

            Tell us more. Where are you?? What kind of business??

            How long have you been in business?? Do you have an Accountant??

            Have you developed a PLAN??

            Will a Million dollars in adverting help??? LUCKIEST
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                your_web_guy Adventurer
                "Will a Million dollars in adverting help???" <-- LOL, good point. I know it would help me... now do you know where i can get it <img class="jive-emoticon" border="0" src="" alt=";)" />

                seriously though... dont pay for online advertising... invest your time in learning what the search engines want rather than just paying them directly. If you have more money than time then hire someone who will optimize your website well. The results last longer because even when you stop paying a seo company to get your code up to snuff the resulting better listings will stay around for quite a while... if you stop paying for your keyword listings to the search engine they will stop listing you right away, yknow?
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                The question is hard to answer because there is not enough information. I understand that you are selling Tamales.

                Do you already have a business in Moreno Valley? The reason I ask this is because it adds to the story you should be telling.
                What type of online advertising are you thinking about? Placement on food sites would be ideal but also costly.
                When will your site be finish? I would finish the design first and have it ready to go before moving on to advertising.
                Why online advertising and not print in the food magazines?

                I ask because it helps to determine what effort would be best for your business and your budget.
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                  khite24 Newbie
                  is it a sin if i just accidentally double click my post??