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    Smarter Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      Here are three
      important steps to follow before your next sales call:

      your objective*. What do you want to walk away with? Is this an introductory
      call, in which you get your foot in the door? Or do you have something to which
      they could say "yes," and if so, are you going to ask for the business?

      client intelligence*. What do you know about the prospect? Do they have a Web
      site? Have you ever dealt with them before? Can you look them up in your CRM
      database? You want to know as much of the story as you can before you make the
      sales call. Your background knowledge can make or break the deal.

      the right questions*. Job one is to get the prospect talking. What are the three
      to five most important questions you can ask? These should be open, probing
      questions that do not have "yes" or "no" answers. If you can discover the
      prospect's pain or dreams before you ever mention a thing about your product or
      service, then you can position your offering as the thing that will alleviate
      that pain and enable that dream.

      Here's a simple
      formula to help you ask questions that will get the prospect talking about
      their pain and dreams: "What, how and tell me." Ask them what are the greatest
      challenges they are facing; and how they are thinking of addressing these
      challenges. Then ask them to tell you more.

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