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    Starting and managing a small business

    flex_00 Wayfarer
      I was approached by a close friend of mine and she asked where she could receive help in creating a business plan. She's in philanthropy and ultimately wants to manage a non profit business. Do you have any options/advice that I may pass on to her?
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          snipperred Scout
          Hi there,

          Philanthropy non-profit. Sounds good. I'm sure you can get free help from SCORE. Check with LUCKIEST on that. I've also picked up on some non-profit specific associations out there who have resources to help- just haven't had my coffee yet today so can't recall!

          I've been doing some market research for my own business and keep coming across specific associations by type of non-profit- such as minority women groups, international cultural, or disposition/solution by health crisis or social issue etc, etc.

          If you haven't looked into Facebook yet, then that is where I might recommend looking. I joined the Visa Small Business Network on Facebook and between that and the online groups I think you can find what you are looking for. There are also some forum directories I think you can find by searching "online forum hosting" where I noticed some interest groups pertaining to philanthropy non-profit.

          Sorry I couldn't be of more specific help but these were not directly related to my research so I moved passed them without making specific notes.
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            BizBurrito Wayfarer

            There is a place on my website that gives you step-by-step info on how to write a business plan (along with lots of other great, free info). It's not geared speifically to non-profits, but it may be useful.


            Click on the "Advice/Resources" button in the nav bar and scroll down and click on "business plan."

            Hope it helps!