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    looking to start a craft business

    jewelrygirl08 Newbie
      having a hard time launching my craft business. I work from home currently while holding down a full time job and would love to start my own business. i'm starting to attend craft shows in my area, but I am also looking for financing to open my shop. Any ideas or help are greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking to start a craft business, Welcome

          I am a SCORE Counselor and would be happy to help or mentor you and your craft business.

          Where are you?? Can we talk?? Email me at

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            puzzleman Tracker
            Congratulations on starting your own jewelry business. I started my business by doing craft shows over 10 years ago. Built the business for over 4 years before I quit my full time real job. Now I still do over 20 art and craft shows a year in addition to my website and wholesale business.

            My suggestion is to do craft shows for a while and then start getting into the art shows. (A lot more money there.) This way you will be able to see if your product will sell to the public, do customer feedback and talk to other crafters, artists and jewelers to get a feel for the market. I know of several jewelers who make a good living on the art show circuit, work out of their house and do not have the overhead of a store.
            Also, once they build a following, they will sometimes do trunk shows for their customers.

            My next suggestion is to talk with SCORE or attend starting a business classes at your local college or community college.

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              chinahelpyou Adventurer
              DEAR ewelrygirl08

              I WAIT YOUR LETTER


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                Mybizfiler Adventurer

                You can start your own business and can be your own boss. As you a years of experience which makes you easy doing market research and preparing business plan.

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                  bigcloudmedia Adventurer
                  Good day, jewelrygirl08.

                  I would suggest getting all of your tax info (Doing Business As and EIN) for your business squared away before asking lenders or banks for financing. I know that bank of america requires a Doing Business As (registered business name) to apply for business loans and the like. I am a pretty new business but my banker talked to me all about business loans and lines of credit once we squared away the business name and EIN.

                  I would also suggest putting together a business plan for your business before searching for loans and lines of credit. This way you have a road map of what you want to do and how you plan to accomplish it. This will help in determining how much you will need to borrow.

                  You can also try a website for your business. A website, showing your crafts, contact info, etc., would potentially broaden your customer base to the online community and pave the way for some future online selling.

                  If you are interested in talking with me more about this I would be happy to help. You can contact me at or through my company website:

                  I hope this helped and have a great day.

                  Koji Flowers
                  Big Cloud Media
                  "Websites...we do those."
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                    Emilyecho Wayfarer
                    you can set up a free online store for your craft business. I recommend you, which gives you a search Engine Optimized website. Automatically publish your product catalog to google products for free.
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                      BRoberta99 Newbie
                      Have you looked into Biz Ad ? I've been using it to bring traffic to my T Shirt design site and it's been effective as far as I can tell. It's a quick way to reach a vast market.
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                        live2themax Newbie
                        I have a business for you, but it isn't crafts. It will help you earn $$$ to open a store if that is really your dream. I am so confident you will earn $$$, that after we talk and I think you are the right person, I will fund your way into the business. Contact me
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                          mygenieforyou Adventurer
                          I found a really cool tool that will do marketing for you to help you build your business!! You can download it for FREE and find out how it can help you. You can give these away FREE also and have your business appear right along side walmart, buy, ebay, target, amazon, etc and hand these out to everyone you know!! It has worked incredibly well for me and many others!


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                            GinaWilliams Newbie
                            If you are looking to advertise your craft business online, I recommend checking out Biz Ad to promote your site. I've been using it to start selling my art work and paintings online. So far so good! Best of luck