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    How to Market to Females

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      Here are some
      suggestions for marketing to the female market:

      *Know the difference
      between a floodlight and a laser beam*. Men and women make purchasing decisions very
      differently. Women are like a floodlight, they go broad and wide. They take in
      a lot of detail, do more research and may take longer to make a purchasing
      decision. Men are like laser beams, they focus in on a few key things. If you
      can effectively capture her longer list of needs, you will not only capture the
      female market but will over deliver to the male market.

      Pick a flavor. Many companies make the mistake of
      universal or "vanilla marketing." To be effective, pick a flavor! Clearly
      identify your target market within the broad demographic of women. It is
      important to understand how to segment and be compelling to a specific group of
      women, not all women. By focusing on a very specific subset of women you will
      actually capture more market share. Women tend to brand loyal and they make a
      significant amount of referrals. Thus, if you target women baby-boomers, you
      will capture the baby boomers and their circles of influence which may include
      women and men in various demographics.

      *Ask her what she
      wants*. Women
      are wonderful at articulating their needs and how to make a product or service
      better. Don't come up with ideas in isolation, involve women in the process. If
      you solicit input from female consumers early in the product / service
      development process you will not waste money or resources by going down the
      wrong path.

      Make a connection. In creating your messaging, whether
      online or offline, share information that women can connect to their own needs.
      You want to articulate your message in a way that would cause a woman to say
      "That's me!" A female consumer needs to see your solution as her solution.
      Present the features and benefits in a way that speaks to her needs. Rather than
      presenting facts and figures about a product or service, make it relatable.

      Be genuine. Women consumers will pick up on
      non-verbal clues. If you are insincere about meeting their needs, she will
      sense it and you may lose her business. It's important to show the female
      market that you understand her important role and you want to support her.
      Develop a rapport and tailor solutions to fit her needs.

      Marketing to women can provide you a competitive
      advantage and strengthen your brand without alienating your male customers.
      Women consumers will expand your brand through viral marketing, and social
      networking, so the effort spent to capture them can have a significant impact
      on your both term and long term profitability.


      Ron Towns. Here..