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    Christian Lifestyle Mag in BR & TX needs funding!

    Alex_A. Newbie
      My name is Alex Aranha and my wife, Adreanne and I own LOIRE Magazine.

      LOIRE is a free-to-the-public Christian lifestyle (emphasis, lifestyle) magazine that we circulate throughout Baton Rouge, LA as well as Houston, TX. We are very up-to-date and are not what most people think of when thinking Christian magazine. Our publication deals with areas of daily life including faith, politics, travel, health and finance. Our target audience is the 21-35 crowd, but we've been told by people much older that they read it and love it. Currently, our standard issue consists of 4,000 printed issues with a readership of 12,000 (at projected 3x pass along rate).

      LOIRE Magazine has been in existence since 2004, but was online only until 2006 when we introduced the first black and white issues. We have since, however grown to produce full color printed issues. We have made great strides in growth and development despite the fact that the publication is 100% funded by us. We have made revenue on ad sales (and have the invoices to prove it), but as we fund the publication ourselves and cannot put the capital necessary to make the name more recognizable or beef up our numbers on distribution, ad sales can be somewhat stunted and spread apart. All of the business owners that have advertised with us have shared with us that they have gotten terrific results. This is a big plus.

      Unfortunately, neither my credit or my wife's credit is considered good enough to garner convential bank funding, so if anyone wants to invest smart capital (roughly $10,000-$30,000) in a company with HUGE potential for growth and ROI - that will continue to grow, anyway - headed by two level-headed, dedicated individuals, please call Alex Aranha at 225-288-5156 or email me at