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    In need of Quick In-And-Out Funding for Growing Business

    Princess1 Newbie
      Hello! We have a company that has grown 300% from the time we started it. We do government contracts and now, our contracts are more than the money we have for capital. We want our company to get big but due to the fact that the company has not established a line of credit yet, except for credit cards, we can't really get a bank loan or a line of credit. We tried P.O. finance but companies like amounts in the millions to finance. It's not like we can tell our clients " hey sorry we can't accept your orders because we don't have money anymore". We need angel investors or a company willing to give us a line of credit for at least 2 months or more just so we can accept all orders and grow the business. It would be dumb not to grab all oppurtunities that are right in front of us. We have used personal savings and family's money and this is as far as it goes. Plus, due to the unsteady economy, a lot of companies are holding on to their money. Also, we have tried P.O. and invoice finance companies. Either the money we need is too small for them, or the structure of our contracts do not attract them-- they do not like too much paperwork. If we have more capital, we can easily transform the company into a multimillion dollar business. Our sales in already almost in the half million mark.