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    Website Search Engines

    ecosue Newbie

      Hi friends:

      Just launched our website few days back after being terrified -how to and what if..etc. Most of my prodcuts are hand made and are eco friendly. As a nurse I have been constantly voicing my opinions against throwing the materials (from medicines to old pair of jeans)..even before recycling was cool.

      I really need to know more about search engines and how to make my website be picked up by giants like Google and Yahoo etc. without spending more money on it-if that is possible?
      Also if the mentors and gurus can look at it and send thier valuable input, (critique the website.). Any help would be so appreciated. I am very compassionate about helping the cause of going green and helping the less fortunate. Thanks. Sue


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          Iwrite Pioneer
          I don't know if you checked out this post but I think it is a good source of what to do:

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            jippidy Newbie
            To answer your question to have to address SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website. This is obviously a big complicated issue but one of the most important aspects are backlinks.

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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              There are already a lot of good discussion threads on this topic in the forum. If you haven't already, you might try entering "SEO" or "Google" in the Search this site box at the upper right to see what has already been shared. Welcome to the community and best wishes.
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                  ecosue Newbie
                  Want to thank all you gurus for the valuable suggestions. And yes, after your advice, I found lot of treasure on SEO. This on line connection and sharing the experiences just shows that good notions are not just words..people are really helpful... I just have to decide whether I want to hire someone to do it, or spent time and figure it out myself.

                  Thanks again. Sue
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                  QuintanaMedia Newbie

                  Hi ecosue,


                  I would be happy to help. I am a partner and and the founder of Feel free to contact me here and I will respond directly, I can provide you with free information to help you out.




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                    John_6x6 Adventurer
                    Hi Sue,

                    Happy to know you found help here. You mentioned doing SEO yourself. PLEASE, PLEASE be careful here should you try it yourself. If your web savy, have some HTML experience and allot of time to learn, by all means, do it. It can really pay off. However usually the time invested learning SEO an hour or two every day for a few months generally may only bring minimal results at best. I've been doing SEO professionally for a very long time. The hours invested in keeping up and maintaining decent SEO knowledge are probably way beyond what you ever expected.

                    The reason I caution you is because many business start-up's try this route only to discover the long hours of tweaking their website either got them dropped from the search engines for unknowingly spamming them, or they're site is nowhere to be found for your search terms and business calls are not coming in enough, especially at a time when they need business the most. My suggestion? Search for a website search marketing consultant and invest wisely. The investment now can pay off much faster than you think.

                    I did take a look at your site, it has potential but needs more organization. Not visually, but within the source code.

                    Contact me through this forum if I can be of any more assistance to your project. I'd be happy to offer help for free, even if you decide to try yourself.

                    John, 6x6 Design
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                      amspcs Ranger
                      Dear Eco:
                      Just saw your post and peeked at your website, very interesting. I also saw your tagline 'jambalaya'. That's a Lousisiana word, are you from there? Me too originally. I digress..

                      Not that I know anything about it, but we also have a relatively new website and, in regards to the search engines finding us, have heard the following themes over and over and over, so there must be something to them: #1) Keep building new and better content, don't stop. The more there is on your site, the more there is for the SE's to 'find', and the better (i.e. more relelven) it is, the more inclined they are to find it. and #2, the engines strongly favor established websites with a little bit of time under their belts over 'newbies', so no matter what you do, don't expect good SE rankings until your 1-2 years old at the least. Again, don't take my word as law, but that IS what I hear a lot.

                      Until then, you might consider PPC (pay per click) to manufacture some traffic until you get to the point that the SE's generate free traffic. Bank of America has a free publication called "24/7" that you can get in the lobby of their branches, or you get access it via this website:
                      Anyway, almost every edition features an ad from Google PPC that offers a free $50 startup package to get you started on Google PPC. Give it a shot, use THEIR $50 to learn the ropes and go through initial trial-and-error,not your own money. I also have found a couple of 2nd tier PPC engines I actually like better than Google. They have a far lower audience but that means far less competition and far lower click bids, just the thing for a little guy trying to compete with the big guys. If interested, follow up with me and I'll pass on the info.

                      One final thought (again not that I am an expert). Your color scheme. While very pretty, I personally found it a little hard to read. That might just be my 60 year old eyes talking, not sure. Does anybody agree or disagree with this? Just thought I'd mention it in case it helps.

                      Good luck to you.

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                        SohoConcierge Wayfarer
                        Hi Sue,

                        Read all the detail and saw your website. i have few of my own that i manage and optomize my self. if you would like i can optomizte your web site while telling you everything that i know of it. I will do this free of charge allowing time. please let me know if you would like my help. you can cotact me at


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                          your_web_guy Adventurer

                          There are two things i would suggest that will do you more good than anything else that i have seen suggested...


                          Get links. Anywhere and everywhere you can get someone to link to your website, do it. If its a website from the same industry or "neighborhood" (ie if nike links to reebok) then it is extreemly beneficial.
                          Ask Google what it likes: literally everything you need to know about how to produce a page that google will like (ie get in the top ten for search results) is availible in googles webmaster area.


                          And always remember... only suckers pay for search engine traffic But it is the easiest way to get to the top of the serps.
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                            amspcs Ranger
                            Join the club! I need all the website help I can get too. Very complicated, and if you don't do it right,your thowing your time and money out the window for no reason.

                            I'm going to refer you to somebody who has participated in this forum in the past who is right up your alley.
                            I am about to use his services myself because he strikes me as a guy who (a) knows his stuff (b) is honest and straightforward and (c) not kind of person business-wise. . At least have a conversation with him, he will absolutely teach you a lot.

                            John Kelly

                            Best of luck.

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                              onlinebillb Newbie
                              Where is the location of your company, and are you advertising nationwide/worldwide or local?

                              Jeff M
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                                  Glyndower Newbie
                                  Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is really nothing more than good coding presenting good content. The first thing that you need to determine is if your product/service sales will prosper from this type of marketing. Some products and/or services do very well on the web. Real estate would serve as an example.

                                  If you determine this is the most efficient way to spend your advertising dollar proceed with caution. Find companies that have been in business for a while and can provide refferrals of current or previous clients. Call them, take them to lunch, cook them dinner...whatever it takes to talk to them but do talk to them.

                                  Personally, I believe that the best companies are Design/Build/Maintain. They will design your site, build it and then maintain it on a regular basis. If included in the maintenance agreement, this service would also include SEO and eventually SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

                                  Additionally, sites designed for marketing to Search Engines generally shy away from FLASH, moving graphics, lots of images on key pages and some other "Visually Appealing" aspects of web design.

                                  They do this for a very basic engines can not "see" your page, they can only read the code that it is written in. (Hence the reason that the coding of the site is critical from the very beginning) So a site designed from the get-go to be marketed to a search engine could be somewhat less visually appealing than one designed as a brouchure to send existing clients to, from another media sources (print, tv, radio, etc)

                                  Probably the most critical factor of search engine marketing is content. Do you have the content that the person who is searching in Google is looking for? The reason that people all over the world use Google is becuase it finds what it is they are looking for, accurately. The way that they (the search engines ) do this is by visiting your site and reading the words it finds there. If your website has the best chance of giving that person the information they are searching for ,the search engine will return your website in the top results.

                                  Truth in advertising is very apropo here, be who you are and provide the best and the most information about where you are and what you do, then keep it updated and fresh and the search engines will flock traffic to your site.

                                  C. Gross
                                  GWD, Inc.
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                                  LUCKIEST Guide
                                  Last Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had a article

                                  "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

                                  It might help you, LUCKIEST