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    WANTED: Investor for HIGHLY PROFITABLE heavy truck repair

    choice1 Newbie
      Hello, I am a 38 year old entrepreneur in Calgary AB. that has spent the last 20 years in the transportation industry. I have owned and sold my own trucking companies, as well as started and run companies for for some of the wealthiest people in the city. Now I am looking for investors that are interested in this as well as many other HIGHLY PROFITABLE business ideas that I have. One of these business's is a Heavy truck/trailer repair shop that would operate 24/7 and include a "spin off" custom chrome shop sales and installation as well as custom truck and trailer sale's division. There are many of these type shops in the U.S. generating high profits, but NONE in Canada (as of yet). I have the lease property picked out as well as start-up employee's. Another is a high end trucking company that provides trucks and drivers to a select group of transport companies that are at the top of there field in the commodities the move. I have many contacts in the transportation, oil & gas, construction, and service industries I just need the capital to start the "umbrella company" for these business's. In short, I need a "money man" with a minimum of 500k to invest in my plans. As this investor, you would own 100% of these business's and I would act as General Manager of all for a salary. So if your interested in further information on any of my visions, please Email me. Thank-You. Steve Monroe