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    Managing Out Of State Employees

    HumanArrow Adventurer

      I am with Human Arrow. Human Arrows offers an alternative form of advertising that draws attention to your business. We provide a unique proactive process through which a client can promote their business by directing customers to where that product or service can be found. Human Arrow proactively delivers its clients' promotional messages in a manner that results in immediate customer action. Human Arrow serves the greater Chicago area but, I have a client who wants to use our services in Detroit.

      How can I effectively, hire, train and supervise an individual in another state that I am not in?
      I want to ensure that everything goes smooth as if it were in Chicago.

      Human Arrow
      Directing Traffic To Your Business!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Managing Out Of State Employees, Great question.

          I have answered some of your other posts and know a little about Human Arrow.
          Yes we still love Chicago.
          To really answer your question, I guess I would need to know more about Human Arrow (the company).
          How long has it been in business?? The number of employees the company has??
          Do you have a Company handbook and or what policy and procedures are in place.

          How does any company hire a new employee, (in this case a sales person) train them and then send them
          out on the road to represent the company.

          SCORE can help you develop a Operations Procedure. (YES SCORE is FREE). By Operations, you explain how the business will be managed on a day to day basic outside of your home state.
          Discuss hiring, personnel and expectations. Cover insurance, leases (if necessary) rental agreements and issues pertinent to your business.
          Finally account for production and delivery of your product and services.

          Way to much info, BUT a very important question.
          Good luck again, LUCKIEST
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            Bluesuit Adventurer

            Glad to hear that your business is hiring. Here are some tips based on my experience:

            1) Trust your employee - just because they are out of sight, doesn't mean that they are not working. In fact, sometimes there are more distractions in the office vs. home. It shouldn't matter where they are working, as long as they are producing expected results.

            2) Set clear deliverables and target deadlines - because you don't have face to face contact it's important to be very clear on project deliverables and deadlines.

            3) Schedule weekly check-ins or more frequently if your business requires - it's helpful to have scheduled meetings with clear deliverables. This way, you can see their work progressing. If they are delivering results, then they are working effectively. If the work is not consistently meeting your expectations, then it could be an issue of unclear communication. Don't automatically assume its because of them working remotely.

            4) Leverage email, but don't forget to regularly talk on the phone too! Some people also leverage chat/instant messenger - if you want to feel instantly connected. There are also other tools, like web conferencing, desktop sharing, etc. that really make it easy to connect regardless of where people are located.

            Good luck and keep us posted.


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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              I can't effectively hire an employee, conduct job-specific training, or provide daily supervision from a distance. I interview and hire in-person, and conduct job-specific training one-on-one (although some policy and procedure orientation/training is video or web-based). My goal is to select the right candidate and train that person well enough up front that daily supervision isn't necessary, and I only need to regularly guide, coach, assess, and mentor the employee once he/she is on the job -- and I can do that from afar. (Having measurable performance standards, targets, and expectations is the key there.)

              Best wishes.
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                SamNam Wayfarer
                Hello All,

                With the prices of gas these days, a lot of companies are allowing employees to telecommute. You can notice it here in LA with the traffic...Yeaaaa.

                What companies do to deal with telecommute is setting up a Web Collaboration site. Many of our customers use our system to allow employees situated in different parts of the world to work and collaborate with each other. Also, companies with sales/consultant reps in different locations have access to centralized information via the web.

                StreetSmart is a complete web based (virtual office) with features like Email, Email Archiving, CRM, Task managment, Knowledge Base (training) & Shared Calendar to name a few.

                As far as the hiring, these days, almost everyone has a webcam. I would recomend setting up an account with any VOIP that has webcam capabilities and conduct your interviews that way. I think with these two solutions, you can run your business effectively remotely...

                If you would like to discuss more, please contact me at any time.

                Sam Namazikhah
                (818) 776-8080 ext 241