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    Everyone's opinion counts!

    AlyGirl Newbie
      I just recently started my own website - a small online business. It's currently in the works as I add products and pictures. I've just opened my online store about a month or two ago. I just want opinions, critique's, or any suggestions. I just started out and I'm learning. It's a simple and basic site, and I'm adding new products shortly. I just would like feedback, honest opinions that will help me succeed and improve. Thanks so much.




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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Everyone's opinion counts! Yes they do and welcome and good luck.

          I am a SCORE Counselor in Rockland County N Y. Do you know about SCORE??
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          Again Good luck, LUCKIEST.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I'm commenting strictly from a content and customer perspective, not the technical aspects of this site.

            The main thing I would recommend is changing the "About Us" page to "About Aly" and adding a lot more about YOU. There are so many small "junk jewelry" dropship sites on the web -- so you really want to highlight the fact that you are not one of them and that make your pieces yourself. Provide a little more information about how you got into the business, maybe even photos of you at work on a new piece. Let the potential customer get to know you a bit. That will give you an advantage over all the anonymous people selling jewelry on line. Also, move the shipping and return policies from the "About Us" page to another location (maybe the "Privacy Policy" page, and perhaps call that page "Our Policies").

            On pages where products are shown, you might place a caption under the photos that says "click to enlarge" -- I intuitively tried that and the photos enlarged nicely, but not everyone may take that step. A rollover to enlarge would be even better, I think, but isn't essential.

            The intended "Add to cart" icon seems to be missing, but the function still works.

            I'm not an expert on this, but I don't think (psychologically-speaking) that green and black pair well as design colors for your product type. The black is great -- but pink, red, or purple in place of the green might create more of the visual and subconscious impact you want. You might play with those colors and see what you think.

            Hope that helps. Welcome to the community and best wishes.

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                AlyGirl Newbie

                Thank you very much for your feedback. The suggestions you made I was thinking too. Unfortunately, I have very minimal experience in this field. I've noticed that with Yahoo store, I feel limited. I have to use their templates, and I've noticed the shopping cart image isn't there as you mentioned. Your suggestions are great, but I don't know how to edit the colors of the pages for products, or change about us to "about Aly" I might have to call yahoo to see if I can do that. It is a great idea because that's basically my website and promoting myself. Well thanks again - I do appreciate your response.

                Have a great day,

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                websolutions Tracker
                I agree with lighthouse, I also think that you do not have much control since you are using yahoo for ecommerce solution, however, I think you can still add a nice looking logo that is relevant to what you are selling.

                In general, it is a good starting point - It just seems to empty at the moment, when you add a logo, ask us to review the site again.

                If you need a logo and have a small budget, I know someone who can do if for you for $25 per logo.
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                    AlyGirl Newbie
                    Hello Websolutions:

                    Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned above to Lighthouse, I feel limited with Yahoo ecommerce store. There are things that I can't do and I have to use their templates. I have to figure out how to change the colors of the pages, etc. Also, who is that someone you know who works with Logo's? I would like to look into that. Besides using yahoo, do you know of any other good ecommerce sites?

                    Thanks again,

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                        websolutions Tracker
                        Yup, I think yahoo is one of the easiest shopping carts you can run, there are others but it get's more complext. I recommend osCommerce for a shop like yours but again, I don't know what you can spend up front for a custom ecommerce solution.

                        I think your approach is great, start small and go from there...

                        Yes, I will send you the contact info for the logo designer...