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    First little success!

    PhilippKnoll Wayfarer
      Hallo again!

      This time my post is a little different! I wish to share a little success I had this week.

      You might have come across my last posts and probably visited my website (read my profil to see what I do - I just edited it).
      I had my first customer, a European crime author who needed a new website. It is not really a full size business website, but anyway, it is a first little step that I am really happy about it!

      I though I should post this here since I also post when I need advice or have other things to share. Why not share a very little success story.
      And hey, if anyone wishes to contribute to my success by letting me assist to get your business online, let me know. Glad to help!

      Best wishes,
      Philipp Knoll