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    New category:  banking services!

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      Hello community managers: it's really interesting to me that there's no where to share stories about dealing with Bank of America (or other banks), for better or worse. Hard to believe you're not interested. And if your answer is "well, we have a customer support department" -- let me tell you, it's inadequate, and so is online help. Besides, you might even hear some good stories! So how about it? A category for banking services. Anybody else think that makes sense?
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          New category, Welcome

          SURE and lets not forget HUMOR Category
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              snipperred Scout
              Yes. Good idea. I would contribute to the forum. I want to represent my interests in banking from the customer is always right perspective! There are a lot of local banks in my area promoting closer customer relationships and friendly service. However, bottom line is most are masquerauding reform for the same old profit model.

              Along my healthcare background I conceived of a solution to the healthcare crisis that would require a real commitment by a bank to the health and well being of both patients and healthcare providers. We've been doing some talk here about employee benefits and HSA's represent a good value to both businesses and their beneficiaries. However, the fact of the matter is the savings in premiums comes with insurance companies passing on the buck by way of high deductables most people cannot afford. Now banks are looking for all kinds of ways to get people to move their money through them. One idea I saw at a local bank was a dedicated savings account to save up for Christmas gifts- the pitch is you might otherwise not save enough and find yourself grasping for funds when the shopping season starts. Influencing savings behavior this way is completely relevant to what most patients do not realize/ or disregard when it comes to healthcare expenses. If you have more out of pocket liability in your plans, then you have to start understanding the need for managing your finances/ savings to be avaialble to you when the time comes. yadyadayad...lots of fun discussion about banking services. Let's do it!

              Oh yeah...humor. I can laugh at myself too. Have you guys checked out Hallmark online lately. They've got some great e-cards pertaining to work. My wife had a really bad day a few months ago while working excessive hours and fitting in finals after hours- and made some comments to her fellow coworkers she felt a bit embarrassed about. I recommended to her to send them a little e-card essentially laughing at herself and the situation. Look on the site and I bet you'll still find it there. This little guy walks into his cubicle on a Monday, starts typing away, and then just starts freaking out moaning, "Oh, the humanity! OMG, my life is just wasting away! This is inhumane! Ohhh, ohhh!" for like five minutes. I gaurantee that one will make you laugh just as long and passionately! It worked out great for my wife and cut through the ice/ akwardness of her event.