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    Need Loan for $170,000 - to Help stabilze a great business

    Hvac.08_PA Newbie
      We've been in business for five years and things have been going very well, until we got hit with taxes owed to the government. We've paid off the majority of it, but it really crippled us from continuing with working capital and expanding again. We started this business with just $300.00 and had ten trucks all paid off, now we are down to five, We do not have good credit because we opened up the business originally, because Bob's employer never paid him his comisssions and we had to run up our cards to pay our personal bills. We are currently personally working out to pay them off.

      The company has continous and stable work. It has held its' way through this in paying off these bills and still functioning. The potential is still there. That is why I am trying to see if there is some possible way to get a loan for around $170,000 to pay off all the debt we have and have some working capital in the bank.

      We mostly have residential work and light commerical. WE do not do any commercial work.