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    required $120,000 company loan for five years interest only

    bumper Newbie

      Experienced in buying, selling and letting all types of property since 1971.
      Managed four departments and over 100 staff.


      Experienced in accounts and taxes.


      Various Information technology certificates.
      Passionate about property, business and the Internet and global growth.
      Already invested most of my resources in this venture but require £120,000 company loan to bring the project to fruition.
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Required $120,000 company loan, Welcome bumper

          Tell me more. Who are you?? Where are you?? (Delaware, Delaware??)

          Do not understand why you are seeking L120,000 loan??
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              bumper Newbie

              I am a UK citizen, in Cyprus for the forseeable future and my Delaware International Business Company is developing an International Internet Business, whose global property and advertising websites will be going live worldwide by October 2008. Currently, the thousands of good International Internet property domains in the portfolio, valued conservatively in excess of £500,000 GBP are monetised and uploaded to Google in preparation, whilst development concludes.

              The loan is required by the company to conclude website and back-end development of the global property network of websites, which will be monetised with Google adsense / adwords to increase revenue income. Over the last ten years many property websites have hit the Internet graveyard for a variety of reasons and studying the hugely successful ones, plus adding the company's own unique and intuitive selling points, instills the confidence required to persevere with the project and the determination to succeed.

              It is anticipated that raising finance will be difficult, because security is lacking and the company has no track record to speak of and it is not known if lending sources will accept virtual real estate as security.


              Any help or advice regarding funding sources in these circumstances would be appreciated.


              Kind regards,


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              rayazcui Newbie

              I can help you obtain the funds you need with No Doc - No Front Fees in 20 business days with our business and personal line of credit. Contact me at (718) 484-3592 or (347) 859-5087 if you are really serious

              Thank you

              Ray Azcui