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    The Kindness of Strangers

    LUCKIEST Guide
      Lots of well intentioned individuals want to give something of themselves and they are the people
      (like myself) who post answers to questions on this web site.
      Sometimes I even talk to strangers. I live in New York, The people of Chicago are friendlier.
      The fun of volunteering is by giving, we recieve. Hopefully what goes around, comes around.
      After working most of my adult life, I joined SCORE and since then, have been giving back to the community.
      I know my answers are sometimes short and sometimes repetitive, BUT the satisfaction is profound to me.
      AND FREE

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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Luckiest, may I add:

          But never mistake kindness for weakness. It takes great strength to look beyond oneself to help others, sometimes at the expense of self.

          All this forum should promise people is information. Since the information is free there is no promise that it will be as helpful as a person may want or say what a person may want to hear. The key is what you do with the information provided. If you can't use it move on. If you are serious about your question - consider it, weigh it and then decide if it can be of any help for you. But always remember it is free - so you get what you paid for.

          And the shortest of answers means at least someone stopped to consider your situation. Check how many views you may have as opposed to the number of answers. There is nothing worse than being ignored.

          I felt it needed to be said.
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            golfheaven Adventurer
            It is so wonderful that you give so much of yourself. Keep up the good fight
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              snipperred Scout
              Hi Luckiest,

              I think now is a good chance for me to offer you a pat on the back. I think you are totally awesome and one of the main inspirations for contributing to this site for whatever it is worth. I feel the same way about Iwrite and Lighthouse24. Everytime I stop in I make an effort to gander at your responses because it is a GREAT learning opportunity for me. I try to return the favor by offering a stimulating perspective to keep discussions rewarding and I particularly look for new posts I can respond to where there are no responses- usually you are already on it. Keep up the great work and thank you very much. I have you and SCORE in mind as a resource for my own business project at some time in the future when I have a basic business plan to discuss. Until then, I like gleaning from your voice of reason and practical business sense- so when the time comes my business will be prepared in both concept and method to be successful along those lines.

              Yeah, don't underestimate the value of what you do to others. It may be more profound than you know!
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                snipperred Scout
                I should add DomainDiva as another generous contibutor of interest for me. Altogether, the group or regulars here represent one of the more dynamic and rich forums I have come across- and I have been exporing far and wide. I am at your service on any occasion where you think my insights can be of benefit to you in the pursuit of your own successes.
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                  chefstacy Wayfarer
                  I have only been a member for a short time but i have found that you Luckiest are very informational and that the other volunteers are also very helpful. I think if it wasnt for you guys alot of people would be lost and not know which way to go. I applaud you and every other volunteer for taking the time to care and give us the information or even try to help.
                  If at anytime any of you need a chef you let me know i will be right there. Lol.. Thanks again
                  • Chef Stacy*