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    Unsecured Business Loans up to $250,000

    Businessloan Newbie

      Business Loans up to $250,000
      Personal Loans up to $150,000

      *No Tax Returns
      *No Collateral
      *No UCC Filling
      *Fast Closing

      680 Credit Score
      2 Years in Business
      U.S Citizen


      Call Kiley (239) 895-8022
      Manhattan Business COnsultants
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          verdell Newbie
          Hi, My name is Livia I am trying to get my Nursing business off the ground and running and i having been hitting road blocks every where i turn if you know a solution that will help me please call me at 443-388-9814 I having a job Expo coming up and i need help now.
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            exgeneral_85 Newbie
            For the past ten years I have been providing charitable and not-for-profit organizations with retired professional and high profile athletes for guest appearances at local fund raising event especially charity golf outing. Two years ago I decided to create Mark A Slawson Sports and Entertainment also known as MASSE. Over the years, I have discovered that these events have been competing for the same resources but what would happen if these events combined their own resources. MASSE has teamed with Grand Stand Sports (sports memorabilia), Parsons-Kellogg (premium products), Spirit Sale Promotion (corporate identity solutions), as well as many high profile professional athletes both current and retired. I am looking for an business loan that would help us kick-off the Celebrity-Am Golf Tour for Charity. This Tour is a series of local golf fund raisers in which MASSE and it's partners will provided these charities with all services and products that the golf course does not at starting fee of $350.00 per participant. This will allow the charities to concentrate on the fund raising and not the event operation. Our first year's goal is promote the Tour by hosting 10 - 20 events with 100 to 120 participants not including our celebrity guest.

            I can provide you with detail financial forecasting.
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              apexfunding Newbie

              If you have not been assisted with your business funding and still looking, give me a call to discuss your situation further.

              Best Regards,
              Steve Do
              Business Consultant
              Tel:(832) 483-7485
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                  whalteva Wayfarer
                  Hi Steve,
                  What are the requirements you look for for getting a business funnding
                  for a client? What type of funding can you find? Bank lines of credit, business loans,
                  Or primarily getting business credit cards for an owner with good personal credit? It
                  would help many on here if you could provide info on what kind of business loans you
                  can get for a client. Thank-you.
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                  whalteva Wayfarer
                  Hi Kiley,
                  Please tell us more about what you do. You say business loans up
                  to $250,000.00 with good credit. Are those from bank lines of credit or business
                  credit cards? Can you give us a clearer idea of how you obtain funding for a
                  client? Thank-you.