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    What should I write about?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      If I was to write an article for this forum, what would you like for me to cover as an advertising professional? I want to start working on an article but I want it to be something forum members want to read.

      Here are the ideas I am thinking about writing about:
      • How to work with an advertising agency.
      • Beyond the hype - the truth about advertising.
      • Everyone has something to say - getting the most from your advertising.
      • Let's be realistic. What advertising can really do for your business.
      • What you need to know to select an advertising agency.
      Right now these are just thoughts but I really would like to know what the forum wants or needs to hear on the subject of advertising. I am not a SE expert, I understand it but I believe it is sometimes over-rated.
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          WarrenD Adventurer
          Hello, I probably interested what advertising will do for a business. Have a great Day ! ! ! Thanks Warren
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            caffeinated Scout

            I was literally just thinking about this... Right away, both "What you need to know to select an advertising agency" and "How to work with an advertising agency" popped out at me. I'm probably just being selfish cause those are two things I'm very interested in right now for my business.
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              A_Ellicott Adventurer
              "10 Secrets Your Ad Agency Doesn't Want You to Know"
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                John_6x6 Adventurer
                I'd like to hear your take on what you do vs. Search Engine Marketing.
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                    Iwrite Pioneer

                    That I can do here. I do full service advertising - print, outdoor, radio, TV, direct mail, interactive, mobile and everything else that is advertising.

                    It is not a "verses" thing, it is a "with" thing to me.

                    SEO helps when consumers are online but how does it help if they are listening to the radio or watching TV? How does TV help when you are in the car or at work? Hopefully, you get the picture.

                    Each medium has its strengths and weaknesses.

                    Target audiences can be reached in various way, I believe clients are best served by an advertising plan that uses more than one medium to reach people. Advertising agencies deliver the idea that drives all of the usages or executions. A great concept can work across media to present the client to the target.

                    I believe it is dangerous in this day and age to place all your marketing dollars in one basket. People are open to marketing messages in a lot of different places - it is my job to reach them where they are. And I feel an advertising agency should be willing to use any and all tools to do that.

                    Telling a client all they need is a website or a TV spot or anything else is irresponsible to me.
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                      John_6x6 Adventurer
                      Wow! ok, but I'd still like to hear what a free lance writer has to say about Search Marketing - just answering your initial question, that's all.
                      Enjoy your day!
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                          Iwrite Pioneer

                          No problem. What do you mean? Do I believe in it? How do I approach it? How aware of it am I when I am writing?

                          Give me a little more direction. I wouldn't write an article about TV or print alone. I think they have to be discussed in a specific example. And they need to be talked about as part of an advertising plan. Search to me is the same.
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger
                        "Do-it-Yourself Advertising for the Small Business Owner"

                        You haven't really defined your target market anywhere that I've seen -- so for now, I'm assuming that your services, like mine, are aimed at larger businesses than most of the ones participating in the SBOC. My goal is give away the time and information I can afford to help those smaller companies grow. When they do grow, the magnitude of the challenges they'll face, and the consequences of dealing or not dealing with those challenges properly, will easily justify bringing in an experienced consultant. Hopefully, they'll remember me when that time comes, and even feel like they already know me pretty well. I'd think the same philosophy would work for you as an ad agency. So if small business owners can't afford to hire you now, what could they do themselves, and how should they do it?

                        Hope that helps. Good luck with your article!
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                          DomainDiva Ranger
                          How about the ten things that clients hate to hear but need to hear???
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                            MnlyTechnlgy Adventurer
                            Low-cost or no-cost advertising that fit small business budgets.
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                              Iwrite Pioneer
                              Thank you all for the great responses!!

                              "I have a plan!" - Kevin Bacon from the great movie Tremors!

                              Here is what I am thinking about doing:

                              I want to write the an article about "Do-it-yourself adverting for the small business owner." Now, I will try to fold "Low-cost or no cost advertising that fits small business budgets" into this article.

                              They want an article that is 500 - 600 words which makes this tough but I'm going to try.

                              Now, for the other great suggestions:
                              10 things clients hate to hear but need to hear
                              bq. bq. and


                              10 secrets your ad agency doesn't want you to know

                              I am going to poll my friends and associates and build the best list I can from some really great professionals and post the results here. This should provide a great insight into these issues.


                              I haven't forgotten Search Marketing! I am not sure what you want to hear but please email me at and let's talk this thing out and see what we can put together as a team.

                              I didn't set out to make everyone happy but Lighthouse's response about helping, struck a cord and I want to help as many as I can. Please be patient, I do have work to do. This is going to take me some time.

                              Thank you all! I know I didn't mark any of the responses as answered but there isn't any right answer to this.

                              derek or Iwrite