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    Why arent we #1?

    BRIZcom Wayfarer

      After launching in March 2008, our Google, Yahoo rankings have increased dramatically.


      We even have a unique keyword: Briz


      The site listed above us:

       has a traffic rank of: 14,347,034

      has a traffic rank of: 415,268



      Can someone please explain this?


      The Briz Team
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          jcwilde1 Newbie
          Are you talking about Alexa ranking?? Alexa, like all of these ranking sites are very flawed an do not tell the whole story, don't even concern yourself with them -- is it going to make you more money?

          Anyhow, when it comes to google they penalize new sites (less than a year old) making it hard for you to appear above sites that have been around for a long time. Your keyword "Briz" is used on their site quite a bit and since the word "briz" is uncommon and they have been using it for 4 years Google is right to assume they are likely what people are searching for.

          Just keep using that keyword and getting links on other websites. That is the fastest way to over take them.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Why aren't we #1??, Not everybody can be # 1

   is about empowering friendly businesses.

            What is Brizsongs??

            Maybe songs gets more traffic than business??

            Just a guess, LUCKIEST
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              websolutions Tracker
              Okay, Luckiest, are you ready? I am putting my white has SEO hat on. Brizcom, check this out, I have analyzed your site and saw some potential red flags.

              First Red Flag:

              Your title tag - revise it and instead of, change it to Briz -

              Second Red Flag:

              Your meta tag - revise it and intead of ...


              Thrid Red Flag:

              You have no backlinks, no one is linking to your web site. Get at least 20 quality, relevant one-way links pointing to your index page - make sure that the anchor text contains the word briz without the dot com.


              Other relevant suggestions:

              • Make your URLs relevant - you currently have it like this: - change it to:
              • Have somebody blog about your site (that could be me if the price is right).
              • Have someone right a Q&A about your site's services on, etc.

              Alright, this it it for now, try this and see if there is a difference, if there is, please post my link on the bottom of your page

              Thank you,
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                  John_6x6 Adventurer

                  Very good eval by you AND jcwilde1. I will agree about domain age in favor as well, but a minor factor. The meta on the site is a definite red flag for sure and will help immediately.

                  It's nice to see professionals sharing very expensive knowledge for free. That's what a community is about. You have to give in order to get. Right?
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