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    lyndy08 Newbie
      Good day

      I am the owner of Albacore Enterprises. I would like to ask in your office a favor to help the expansion of my business plan. I am looking for a loan of between USD 10.5 million to acquire the lease of a 3000 square meters ready to use Tuna processing plant, and the other is the additional working capital.This Tuna yellowfin export processing plant is in General Santos Philippines, income potential is great. I'm willing to take a loan on promissory note agreement,security agreement, and personal guarantee, and I can also surrender the title of the said processing plant as my collateral. I'm welcome anybody to be my partner in this Tuna export.This is my cell no. 09163276780 or email my add;

      Sincerly Yours,
      Leilani S. Bacsal
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          mademan24 Adventurer
          Sounds like a great venture. What are you bringing to the table money wise or credit wise in order to secure the funding to purchase the plant ?



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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Business Expansion, Why so MANY posts??

            *Albacore Enterprises is manufacturing and trading Fishmeal and banana
            meal which is animal feed ingredients. Operational for almost 9
            *So far no problem regarding sales income. Sellable in Vietnam,
            Taiwan and Philippines.*

            Tell me more. Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan I can read??
            Since you have been in business 9 years, can I also see Financial's and Tax Returns??

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                lyndy08 Newbie
                Yes this business operational for 9 years. Good income but i did not declared the total sales annualy.Because when I'm engaged this business I work also an a Export Manager of Tuna plant here in Philippines. My product is supplying fishmeal to different buyers. My business plan is to expand my business to export such as Tuna processing as will as fishmeal. Because fishmeal came from the waste material of Tuna and the white meat is for export.I consider this business plan profitable so I'm looking a capital to engaged processing plant.