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    Massachusetts economy update

    caffeinated Scout
      A few weeks ago I posted how Starbucks was closing 600 stores nationwide. I was hoping to see the two stores that flank my Cambridge shop go, but no such luck (curses!!!). Oh well, business as usual I guess.

      Some other things going on here...Massachusetts is looking to lift a ban on cash discounts for gas. Basically, drivers that pay in cash will pay a few cents less per gallon at the pump than those that pay with credit cards. As most of you know, merchants pay a fee on every transaction with a credit card. Cash is king! I dont know what I'll do, save a couple cents per gallon or use my credit cards since it gives me frequent flyer miles, hhmm. MA is also looking to have a "no sales tax weekend" in August to help stimulate the economy. How do you think people will react?

      What's going on in your state?