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    partner/investor wanted for overseas heavy equipment rental

    mcgovna Newbie

      Looking for anybody that has interested in investing in mining equipment rental company in Africa specifically in Ghana. I am established in Philly and is looking to start that project in Ghana which is booming and is very lucrative. All banks that were willing to finance the equipment backed out because the equipment will be basically located outside the states. However I lived there and know conditions on the ground are very favorably and nothing to worry about. Here is where I need help'

      @ Does anybody know any bank or financial institution or individual that can finance such an equipment. I own a house in philly but the equity isn't enough as collateral.
      I can get insurance through opic.
      @Capital needed is about $250,0000 but can start with $150,000, return is awesome.
      @Any information, help or advice will be appreciated