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    Difficult Transitions~ pls give some comment~ tq

    xiaoxiao Wayfarer
      Baby had worked for the perevious ten yrs for the A company, but had been shut down. Baby had been part of the team from day one. The job had methis personal goals and expectations perfectly, and Baby had grown greatly as a person. Her work was appreciated and recognized; she had received three promotions and pay increases.

      A company was decentralized, allowing its manager considerable autonomy and freedom. The Culture was easygoing. Communication was open. Everyone knew what was going on at all times.

      Baby went to lunch often wit managers and shopping every saturday. Their boss had been very supportive, giving them the help they needed.

      Baby found a comparable position at B company after A company shut down. Top managers at B company apparently didnt worry too much abt who did a good job and who didnt. they promoted and reward people based on how long they had beed there.

      It seemed no one was allowed to make any sort decision without getting three signatures from higher up.

      Baby also had some problems fitting in. She sensed that a couple of them resented that she, and outsider. She asked colleagues about shoping. They politely declined. But later in the week, she had overhead them making arrangement to shopping every saturday.

      1. Identify sevral conceppts and characteristics from the Field of organizational behavior that this case illustrates. ( Can i make a table to show the difference and compare?) any point can added?

      2. what advice can you give Baby? How would tis advice be supported or tempered by behavioral concepts and processes? ( Identify Baby Prob, can advice her whether leave the company or not ?how to support?)

      3. Is it possible to find and "ideal" place to work? Why? ( i never ans Yes or No, Its depend.. so can i compare two type of personality in a company?)

      TQ for urs comment~
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          snipperred Scout
          Hi there xiaoxiao,

          Interesting questions. I think you communicated the issue very nicely. The world is becoming more competitive and I expect transitions from one management style to another to be occuring more frequently during careers. I think it is obvious Baby's first choice would be to find a position in a different company with a more decentralized/ merit based management infrastructure. However, there is still the matter of remaining employed until such opportunity. I also think I could make some points to look at the current position as a positive opportunity in itself.

          The fact is, Company A shut down. That is usually an indication of poor management. My impression is while the culture may have been supportive of a comfortable work environment, it may not have been effective in the face of competition. It sounds fortunate for Baby to have found a comparable position- perhaps with the competition itself.

          The centralized management structure of the new company may be that way for a good reason. For one, this can be useful when company leadership feels so strongly about how it goes about business, to not risk the influence of subordinates in another direction. In addition, the company may be a very rewarding environment for those who put their time in to get seniority. Time in service can be a good indicator of commitment to the company and represent an acquired knowledge base a lot of companies have a hard time holding on to.

          So if this is the case, chances are the employees there buy-in to the management system and demonstrate this with respect to new hires. Navigating this challenge might simply require patience and new skills for interacting in that particular role. I wonder if during Baby's 10 years at the previous company- were the promotions and treatment consistent with Baby's seniority and was the culture truly effective? On the other hand, if the new management style is obviously not effective, and Baby is capable of offering more of a difference than the company will accept, then that company may be risking losing a very valuable employee as a result.

          My recommendation would be to remain at the company and adapt as necessary while continuing to look for the perfect position until a fit is found. The challenge and difficulty of the position may provide a great opportunity for learning, improvement, and sharpenning up for baby's next transition.
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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Difficult Transitions. Sounds like Baby has a lot of growing to do

            *snipperred, Great suggestion or recommendation. "My recommendation would be to remain at the company and adapt as
            necessary while continuing to look for the perfect position*
            *until a fit
            is found. The challenge and difficulty of the position may provide a
            great opportunity for learning, improvement, and sharpening up for
            baby's next transition"*

            And Baby reply proves that Baby needs to grow up.