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    Rated #1 Home Based Business - Here's How To Get Started!

    netpilot2 Newbie

      Verizon Wireless is the first major cell carrier to offer a network marketing, i.e., home-based business, which is launching July 29th, 2008. This is not a joke and very real. The income potential is staggering!


      You will have the opportunity to have your own online Verizon Wireless store (website), where individuals can purchase phones, phone plans, as well as join your networking team.


      Your built-in marketing system includes your website, daily live presentation calls, and daily access to your assigned qualified sponsor (who can do phone appointments with new prospects on your behalf). Also, your own, a full-color magazine to circulate - personalized with your domain name.


      This is the simplest conversation you will ever have. "Do you have a cell phone? (YES). Do you get paid when you pay your cell phone bill? (NO). Would you like to get paid when you pay your cell phone bill? (YES)..."


      Pre-enroll before launch date of July 29th: FREE


      Please view the commercial, the slideshow,listen to the pre-recorded calls, and lock in your own position for free at:


      I saw this happen once before. In the 90s, a company grew faster than Microsoft with a business model like this and they were marketing long distance service. Some people made millions. I never thought anyone would ever crack that code and offer Wireless in this same manner. For over 20 years, only the big companies have been making money on Wireless Bills. There are over 250 million customers in the U.S. with Wireless Service and NONE of them get paid to use it today. If we can capture just 1% of those customers, we could earn over $100,000 per month when they simply pay a bill they are already paying today.

      I urge you, Do Not take this for granted. This is very real and the income potential is staggering! What do you have to loose? It's free to enroll.




      Clarence Williams