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    Beta Testers wanted... (work sheet management system)

    britinusa Wayfarer

      Hi, I am developing an online worksheet management system.


      Initially it was intended as a feature I would use to improve my billing practices, however a few friends suggested I make it available to other small businesses.


      The project allows for easy tracking of time and work done for multiple clients. It's web-based and only requires a live internet connection.


      Most likely candidates for using the service will be small businesses, certainly suitable for home and small office based businesses such as Graphic Artists, Copywriters, Accountants, Consultants, Programmers, Marketing agents, you get the idea.. it's being designed for people that bill by the hour.


      The system already includes the ability to invoice online and get paid via pay pal.


      I'm considering providing the service on a subsciption basis, currently anyone signing up for an account get 3 months at no charge and they can cancel the subscription at any time. If they use the account then it will remain free until at least the end of 2008.


      If you are interested in the program please visit


      IT'S BETA at the moment, no fancy layout, and plenty of features to add over the next few months.


      Feedback welcome.