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    Any thoughts about obtaining finance for an Internet Project

    syndication Newbie
      An unique internet project has commenced being tested and thoughts are now being turned towards possible funding either from the US, UK or Australia for key staff.

      Looking at options from Investors to the Banks

      All the infrastructure, databases and domain names are in place and secured. From the interim demostrations (Australia based) business interest is quite positive due to the capabilities of this search engine and how it is formatted.

      Basically the project is an unique searce engine, edited so the search results return only relevant results. Targeting the Tourism and Travel sectors extending to the Real Estate, Finance, Technology and other sectors.

      The growth of this search engine is via regional representives who will completely administer their respective territories however the search administrators must ensure all information of a businesses is correct before being listed. If interested see
      tml link for how this works pending more fine tuning.

      The search engine, SKISE at has all the domain names registered for almost all the emerging and current markets

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

      PS - Im from Perth, Western Australia - little town on the western edge of Australia where they are digging the state up and shipping it to China.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Obtaining finance for an Internet Project, Welcome Greg

          Very interesting project. Will check out your web site.

          Have you developed both a Business and Marketing Plan that I can read??

          How much funding are you looking for?? And for How long??

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              syndication Newbie
              Hello Luckiest

              Thank you for your reply and appollogies for the late response from my self

              After reading some of your other replies, I thought that the Business Plan and Marketing Plan questions would be asked.

              At this stage there are no written business plans and marketing plans. Having worked on the internet for the past 16 years we have found that the Internet is a dynamic and constantly changing environment. Written Business Plans and Marketing Plans can go out the window in less than 60 days and we have seen this happen a number of times as a result of a combination of internal and external factors.

              The SKISE (Syndicated Keyword Internet Search Engine) project has been developed after owning and managing all aspects of over 1200 web sites and developing these sites during the fore mentioned 16 years. Anything from Search Engine Optimisation, Domain Name and Market Research, Web Site Design, Internet Advertising using Google, Yahoo and our own Advertising Server to Web Site Hosting. - I think we have done it.

              From the sites, we see the information the visitor's need, how quick they want it and what they want to do with it. Not to mention a 36 month survey we ran from the web sites which came back with some interesting and suprising information. - This is how SKISE evolved and basically an unwritten and flexible Business and Marketing Plan

              In regards to funding - The Australia part of SKISE is in joint venture with Info Pty Ltd - 630 Australian destinations network of web sites. We have identified key personel and basically all the infrastructure is in place. We are looking at AUD $850,000 with a minimun of at least 20% return per year. This amount is calculated to operate SKISE Australia for 2 years. Time to full repayment has not been calculated considering the 20% minimun return per year. This funding would only be drawn upon on a needs only basis.

              After Skise Australia has reached a target market point, SKISE North / South America, Europe / UK, Asia and India would be commenced.

              In all the targeted emerging and current markets, we will be using an uniquie Section and Regional manager approach which returns a generous percentage of income generated to grow SKISE. These managers will have direct access to add and update business listing within the search engine.

              At the end of the day, I should have put all the above in a business and marketing plan. Possibly would have been quickers

              Kind regards