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    whalteva Wayfarer
      Since there are so many folks on here either looking for loans and those that claim to be able
      to arrange the financing, is there any way to "police" the ones that offer the financing. Not that
      I doubt those offering their serviceis are not legit, it's just in this day and age with so many in need
      of funding there are unfortunately many unscrupulous folks out there that may "prey" upon those
      in need. How does a borrower know if the posters that are offering financial help are legit?

      Luckiets, you're on her the most and part of SCORE, do you know a way we can check out
      the credentials of those offering their assistance?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Moderators, TWO WORDS "BE CAREFUL"

          Tell us more about yourself. Who are you?? Where are you??

          As you know I am a SCORE Counselor and SCORE is FREE and made up of volunteers. SCORE can help a business with advice, but does NOT have funds to lend.

          As you wrote, there are many folks looking for loans and others claiming to arrange financing. This is just a web site. Nobody is keeping track of how many loans are successful.
          I would guess that we would hear of bad situations much more quickly. How does a borrower know if the offering are legit?? You should have a Lawyer on your side.
          You should BE CAREFUL. You should ask for references. If it sounds too good, it is bad. Also you should NOT be giving funds in advance to get funds or a loan.

          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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              whalteva Wayfarer
              I agree with what you are saying Luckiest. Like everything it's buyer beware.
              Therefore, has anyone on here actually dealt with any of the companies or
              individuals that post they can get you a loan?? Can any of the companies
              that post on here post more about their credentials.
              This could help both sides. If you had success with a company, post
              it. If you are proud of your credentials then post them. This could get
              business for many and save any heartache for others. We are currently
              in a credit crunch in this country. Many businesses are struggling and
              need the funds, a loan for a shot in the arm. Unfortunately like in any
              other "crisis" there are those that are unscrupulous and prey upon those
              that might be relatively "desperate". Let's help each other out.