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    Conducting Business as DOTCOM Foreign Corporation?

    azmico Newbie
      I have been researching business options and somewhat getting overwhelmed with the information to do things right from the first time.
      I heard a lot about delaware corporations (Though I still dont get the 'real advantage' thing of Delaware). Anyway, I got a business idea, will form a delaware corporation and the business will be conducted online.Which means, ofcourse WorldWideWeb...
      The question I have is that many people are saying that if I am a Delaware corporation, I cant do business in California, unless I have certificate from the district attorney's office. I know this requirement for offline/traditional businesses, but does it apply on internet business as well? We dont have physical location, instead we use hotels conference rooms for our rarely held meetings etc.
      Can some one please help me to understand the 'proper' and 'right steps' to start 100% legal online business? I am quite sure that companies like travelocity, expedia etc are not going to 50+ states and asking for permission to conduct business.
      Appreciate your advice and suggestions

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          First, a corporation (regardless of the state in which it is registered) must have a legal physical address in that state (for service of process, if nothing else). If your corporation's legal address is in Delaware and you are conducting business via the Internet with a client/customer in California, that's interstate commerce. For most types of businesses, that's no problem. You'd only need to register as a foreign corporation with the State of California if it were intrastate commerce (i.e., you were physically in California selling or shipping to someone in California), or if you were practicing a profession in which California required a license (for example, you can't sell insurance in most states via the Internet unless you are, in fact, licensed by those states). Does that help explain things?
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Conducting Business as DOTCOM Foreign Corporation??

            *Anybody in business should have both an Accountant and a Lawyer on their side.*<br /<br *The 'proper' and 'right steps' to start 100% legal online business is to ask your Lawyer.*<br /<br />I am also sure you will get some good replies here to your question

            Good luck, LUCKIEST