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    Starting a bakery

    paradise08 Wayfarer
      Hi All,

      I want to start a small bakery. Can you guys please help me by informing me how to apply for loan, where to apply and how to make a business plan?
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          puzzleman Tracker
          Check out SCORE. It is a free service that can help you with all of these aspects.

          You also may try a local college or community college, but you will have to pay for this.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Starting a bakery, Welcome

            Tell us more. Who are you?? Where are you?? How soon do you plan on starting??

            Do you have a location?? How about a Name for the Bakery??

            SCORE is a great place to start. SCORE is FREE and can help you develop both a Business and Marketing Plan
            in person or online.

            You can also get info on a Bus Plan at the library or a book store.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              MnlyTechnlgy Adventurer
              paradise08: Welcome to the forum! You might also try the Small Business Association at: There you will find a lot of "tricks of the trade" that could help you as well.

              Also, make sure you fill out your profile information so that if/when people want to contact you, they will have the information to get to you via means other than posting to the forum. We are a website development company specializing in getting small businesses their own web presence, which will help them with their marketing and advertising plans. If you would like more information (when you get to that point in your planning) feel free to contact me at - and mention the small business community in the subject field.

              Again, welcome to the forum and good luck!

              Deb L
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                paradise08 Wayfarer
                Thank you all so much for your answers. I want to tell a bit more about myself. I am planning to open the bakery with a friend of mine. Both of us are pastry cooks and want to start something of our own. I live in hawaii and he lives in California at the moment. We plan to start in California but don't know where it will be more profitable, if anyone can advice us with any info it will be great. We are both in our mid 40's so the sooner we start it is better. We plan to loan around $200,000 and want to start small. Making a business plan and applying for a loan is my first priority, but I know it also depends on location. If there is anyone who can guide will be greatly appriciated.
                Thanks again

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                    MnlyTechnlgy Adventurer
                    paradise08: I definitely think that SCORE can help you and if you want to plan on starting in California, you should talk to area Chamber of Commerce offices. My husband is from the Bay area, specifically Santa Clara County. What area is your friend in?

                    Deb L
                    Mainely Technology
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                        paradise08 Wayfarer
                        My friend stay in Fairfield. We plan to open in a city, since population is also a factor. Do you have any suggestions? We are both Green Card holders. Are we elligible for business loan?
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                            characterco Newbie
                            Hi Paradise,

                            Your last post was a while ago but perhaps you're still on the track towards opening your own shop. I think you might be really interested in seeing what we make. (although probably a bit premature at this point)

                            We are a specialty sign, artwork and menu board design company (mom and pop) and although that sounds boring, the work we make will make you very excited when you see it. There is literally no where else you can go to get show-stopping, charming, witty and colorful artwork like we make and it definitely will set your shop apart from everyone else. Take a minute and see our portfolio page at

                            Yes, this is a shameless plug but you really will be glad you checked us out!

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                          MrCrusty Wayfarer
                          It has been a while since you posted this request and I only saw it today.

                          But anyway.

                          No matter how much you trust each other it would be best to start by agreeing on a partnership agreement. Maybe even go into a Corporation as a legal entity.

                          As pastry goes, it needs to be kept cool so in California you will likely require air conditionaing in the bakery.

                          I dont have any first hand knowledge of California as an area. But, as a baker I have over 50 years experience in four countries. Kenya, Bahrein, UK and Canada.

                          You could also check out or you can drop an email to
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                          loan guy Wayfarer

                          did you ever get your business plan or we can look at your executive summary to help you.


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                            mygenieforyou Adventurer
                            Good morning,

                            I don't have the info on how to do the loans, etc, but do have an idea on marketing.

                            I found a really cool tool that has helped my business and you can use it also. It's a FREE patent pending software you can give out to every one you know and when they do a search online your name comes up along side sites like walmart, buy, ebay, target, amazon, etc! Talk about great marketing!

                            Check it out for yourself by downloading your own: and make sure and see the "branding" part.

                            Good luck, Dan