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    Need a extention loan $10000 for my business

    torba5 Newbie
      Need money to extend my business. Term - 12-15 month. Amount -$10000 . Unsecured and deductible. Basic info about business you can get from my website Money goes to purchase a technical eguipment ,build own product and resale .All technical ideas - by email only.
      In business 16 years.
      Credit card terminal yes
      Own a business 4 years
      I have checked couple banks -(bofa +usbank) but look like all the money goes to real estate only.You can easy get the money for "flip" the house or "real estate investment" , constraction loan ,but for business loan it is real hard to get. Are we really live in country called United States of Real Estate?
      .............Sorry, i had a bad day today, but anyway - asking $10000 . If you feel you can help please email me. Thanks.
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          willemfinance Newbie

          My name is Willem Roeloffs. I have been arranging loans for many years. Since I do all the work myself and have no overhead, I am able to arrange better loans for my clients. Working with me will be close and personal. I am available seven days a week to facilitate your loan request.If you are interested,I am very confident that I can arrange your loan at a better interest rate and lower cost than anyone else in town.when contacting me please include the following details

          Your name
          Contact address
          Telephone number(direct number)
          Fax number(if any)
          Purpose of the loan
          All request should be sent to my email address at
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Need a extension loan $10000 for my business, Welcome and good luck

            YES I can understand having a bad day. And YES our country is going through rough times NOW.

            Will check out your web site.

            Willem Roeloffs just posted an answer to you. He have been arranging loans for many years.

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              PiperE Wayfarer

              I am not quite sure which business you are wanting a loan for. One is a 4 year old business and one is 16 years old. But with a business over 2 years old and profiting, you should easily be able to get a loan for that amount if you have a decent FICO score.

              As I mentioned in another post there is
              another option that I offer. It is a version of the unsecured business line of
              credit, but it is for new business. We set up a new corporation for you and do
              all the work to secure the most business credit possible, up to $150K. Even
              people with low credit can get this line of credit. I won't lie, a lot of the credit is in the form of credit cards. But, if you consider that many of the cards are 0 percent, they make more sense than the LOCs which carry a rate of prime plus 2 to 4 points.

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                  torba5 Newbie
                  The business is 16 years old ,as a owner of business - 4 years, was working here from 2000. About FICO score------ i dont have any score at all ,US citizen .You asking - Why?----Because i have never borrowed the money before ,no loans ,no credit cards, business accounts in us bank and bank of america.You saying it is easy to get business loan -- YES it is -- for 13 -25% APR .I just dont fill like a kamikadze yet. Thanks.
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                      PiperE Wayfarer
                      Hmm, no FICO. Youll need to bring on a partner who does have a FICO of mid-600s or higher. They do need to be paid as a partner. I would also suggest getting to work on creating a credit file. You could get a credit card or business loan in a second if you had a good credit score.

                      Other option is to see if you can lease the equipment.