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    Profitable investment opportunity.

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      We had much success outside of this online small business community in raising the necessary funds for the production of the feature length documentary "An Inconvenient Tax." As we move complete the interviews in the next 2 weeks we will need additional funds to move into post-production. Our company has already been approached by several distributers interested in buying the film. We will need additional funds to complete the edit during the next month. This may be a great opportunity for a successful film investment. These kinds of investments are rare but this film is going to sell and be released before this years election. Visit this site for daily blog updates, and fresh interviewee lists as we add to the below list daily. Their are pictures on the site as well as a full synopsis of the film and everything else you may want to know about this project. Also their are people that can take your calls 24-7 all info can be found on

      Some of the interviews have included...

      Steve Forbes- Chairman & CEO of Forbes Magazine

      David M. Walker - Former Comptroller General

      Steven R. Weisman - Award-Winning Journalist/Author

      Charles Rossotti - Former IRS Commissioner

      Leonard E. Burman - Director, Tax Policy Center

      Michael Graetz - Professor of Law, Yale

      Daniel Shaviro - Professor of Law, NYU

      Neil Boortz - Radio Talk Show Host

      Dick Armey - Former House Majority Leader

      Ron Wyden - U.S. Senator from Oregon

      Mike Huckabee - Former Governor of Arkansas

      Scott Hodges - President, Tax Foundation

      Richard Rahn - Chairman, Institute for Global Economic Growth

      Dan Mitchell - Senior Fellow, CATO Institute

      Steven Entin - President, Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation

      John Linder - U.S. Congressman from Georgia's 7th District

      Allen Buckley - Tax Attorney and Author

      Robert McIntyre - Director, Citizens for Tax Justice(CTJ)

      Lee Sheppard - Contributing Editor, Tax Analysts

      John Fox - Professor of Taxation and Author

      Joseph Thorndike - Director of The Tax History Project

      Kelly Phillips Erb "taxgirl" - Tax Attorney and Blogger

      Herman Cain - Radio Talk Show Host

      Visit our website for more information about the film. Please talk with us if you have any interest at all. We would love to talk you you about the nature of film investment before you consider an investment. If you already understand the process, we can send you a Limited Partner Agreement immediately for your review.

      Nathaniel Thomas McGill
      Life is My Movie Entertainment.