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    In need of start up funding

    ProAdmin Newbie
      I need $100,000 to obtain the license and start operation for a cutting edge advertising business in the state of Tennessee.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          In need of start up funding, Welcome.

          Tell me more. Who are you?? How soon do you plan on starting this business??

          Have you developed a Business Plan that I can read explaining how you are going to spend $100K??

          How long do you need the money for?? And How and When will you pay me back??

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              ProAdmin Newbie
              If you are seriously interested in helping, I can provide you with the information. I will need signatures on a confidentiality and non-compete agreement, though. I need to start asap, time is of the essence. Funds will be paid back with revenue generated by sales of the product. A five year maximum term is all that is required. I have an incentive for whomever wishes to finance this venture.
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                  BRMcHenry Adventurer
                  You can search venture capital on line but I am guessing you will be disappointed with the results. They won't do it as a loan, and the business plan will need to be top notch. In fact you will need to have "ready" clients in the waiting before they'll even consider such a big investment.

                  I had a CPA that gave me great advise once. Start small. In that he meant keep your day job and get one client and then another. Since your product \ business seems to be earmarked for advertising I'd think getting clients like this might be feasible. With a track record of successful clients it will be easier to borrow money or attract investors. Ideas are good - but ideas are HARD to finance.
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                Milleisen Scout
                I agree with the person who posted above. Before making a investment that could devestate you financially, you need to know that this concept will work for you. There may be someone selling you the concept and all the tools to execute the business plan, but when it comes down to it, you need to know that you personally make it work.

                If you need $100k, you will probably need to put some of your own money into the business. Unless you have a home equity loan to fund it, there won't be too many banks willing to give yuo 100% financing for a startup.

                If the concept is very unique and proven to work on a small scale, this would be an example of an opportunity that an investor would be interested in, so if you can't raise the funds through debt, perhaps selling some equity would work. If this is a franchise it probably wouldn't work because in that case they could just go buy a franchise themselves.

                Best of luck!