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    Just Started Home Improvement Business-Need Advertising idea

    moorev Wayfarer
      Hi everyone,

      I just started a Home Improvement business in the Metro Atlanta area. Does anyone know the best way to advertise and generate clients in this industry?

      Thank you,
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          Moniquels28 Newbie
          Dear Guy,

          I would highly recommend that you join your local Chamber of Commerce and get involved with their networking events. Being a member eases alot of homeowners minds.Also find out if there is a BNI Chapter in your area (It's a Nat'l Networking Group). Make up some flyers and or business cards and pin them on local pubs, supermarkets, Walmart, Etc. Purchase signange or magnetics for your vehicle/truck. Let everyone know you exist. Associate with other local business owners at the events and find out what works for them in that part of town/area. Always know what your competition is doing so you're not left behind. Also, you should embrace your competition, introduce yourself and offer them your card and elaborate on your capabilities. Sometimes there are jobs they just don't want to take, and other times they are just so backed up they won't be able to fulfill homeowners request. That's where you and you're business will come to the forefront. If you make a good impression on the competition, they will refer those jobs to you....We All Have To Eat!!!
          Hope this helps..

          Sincerely Yours,
          Monique & Noel Lozada
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            Uncle Leon Tracker
            Rxcrellent suggestions from Monique about the Chamber of Commerce and other networking opportunities.

            Also Craigs List (local). Perhaps if you want to do repairs until you build up your home improvement business, and "farm" certain neighborhoods; an "introduction" type door hangar, listing types of work you do, might net you some immediate work.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Just Started Home Improvement Business-Need Advertising idea, Welcome

              Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you develop a Marketing Plan

              Attracting customers is one of the hardest tasks a small business owner
              faces. Keeping them can be just as tough.
              Businesses succeed
              or fail based on their ability to bring people through the door and
              convincing them to spend money once they are there.

              One way to generate repeat customers is to give them a specific reason
              to come back. Something FREE
              If the consumer feels that he or she is getting
              something concrete whether that is in terms of savings on an item they
              want, or some sort of added good or service
              that may be enough to draw
              them back to your business, and hopefully to get them to spend some
              Incentives can come in a variety of forms.
              Discounts are always a good draw and can be customized to fit a variety
              of needs.
              Try handing out cards offering discounts on specified items
              to customers whenever they purchase something.
              It's also a simple fact of human
              nature: People like to FREE things.

              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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