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    Wireless company/customer service

    Bluesuit Adventurer

      I am thinking of switching cell phone/blackberry providers. I usually decide based on gadget/device offered and the rate plan. However, I've had issues with my account before, and want to also make sure that the company I select also has good supporting customer service. For instance, with my current provider - they can't even update my mailing address - it takes them 30 days to have my new address take effect? I was on the phone with 2 different reps, for about an hour..and my issue never got resolved. How frustrating is that? Where is the service these days? Has anyone had any POSITIVE experiences with wireless providers that can be shared? Or does that not exist?
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          Generation4 Adventurer
          I think there were a lot of nightmare stories with when people tried activating their new iPhones with the phone company, so you are not alone in your griping. What's also a pain is when you buy a phone and they have a "rebate" and you never get a rebate. That happened to me once, and after that I never buy a phone with a rebate offering..or I just assume that I will not get the money back. I wish there would be more competition in this market, maybe that would improve customer service.