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    Seeking Business or Personal Finance?

    netbizfunds Newbie



      Today with Bad/Poor Credit History, Bankruptcy, Late Bills, High Interest Loans and other many forms of Financial setbacks most of us feel its impossible to obtain Finance/Loans and that once the banks have declined our loan application it may be impossible to acquire finance else were but let me prove you wrong.


      My name is Stuart Rice of the NetBiz Funding Inc and I have no intention of wasting your time. I want to know what you would like to obtain finance for? I can provide you with any purpose loan based on a collateral free package. Whatever the reason you need to borrow - Business Setup, Business Expansion, Debt consolidation, Home improvements or a family holiday, You name it! I can help regardless of your financial circumstances.

      It will amaze you to discover how fast and professional some services can be. Send a reply now to netbizfunds at showing your interest and along side furnishing the details below to facilitate your loan request/approval:


      *Full Names:
      *Street Address:
      *City/Zip Code:
      *Contact Number:
      *Loan Amount Requested:
      *Loan Purpose:
      *Loan Duration:


      Following your response, I'll get back to you immediately with further information on how to go about processing and approving the loan. A very nice day is my wish to you.


      Yours Truly,
      Stuart Rice.
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          trmbus2006 Newbie

          My name is Mohammed Maruf Miah, I am a Real Estate Investors...I have the connection with the Bank...I buy REO and bank foreclosed properties and then I fix and sell it back within short period of time...I need money....for cash flow....I already have in hand 200,000 I need another 300-500K whichever I can I can do the transactions easily....who can help me with those types of money.




          Mohammed Maruf Miah




          TRM MGT and Development Inc


          256-14 86th Avenue


          Floral Park NY 11001


          Cell (516)439-6545


          Bus (718)301-5951
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              netbizfunds Newbie
              Hello Mohammed,

              Your reply is very interesting and at this time I can arrange 400K for you, if this is sufficient for you; What you should do right now is contact me via email at netbizfunds at so we may discuss further. I shall be expecting an email from you. Have a nice day.

              Yours Truly,
              Stuart Rice.
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                willemfinance Newbie
                Hello Mohammed,

                My name is Willem Roeloffs. I have been arranging loans for many years. Since I do all the work myself and have no overhead, I am able to arrange better loans for my clients. Working with me will be close and personal. I am available seven days a week to facilitate your loan request.If you are interested,I am very confident that I can arrange your loan at a better interest rate and lower cost than anyone else in town.when contacting me please include the following details

                Your name
                Contact address
                Telephone number(direct number)
                Fax number(if any)
                Purpose of the loan
                All request should be sent to my email address at
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                DANCER2002 Newbie



                My name is Christine and I am the owner of Prestige Dance Academy. We need start up capital and it has been hard trying to obtain a loan. If you could help that would be amazing. We are in need of raising $300,000. Anything that you can help us with would be appreciated. Thank you!

                *Full Names:Christine Sanon-Jules
                *Street Address:P.O. Box 5415
                *City/Zip Code: Beverly Hills CA. 90209
                *Contact Number:424-208-3228
                *Loan Amount Requested:$300,000
                *Loan Purpose: Start-Up Capital
                *Loan Duration: 5 yrs.
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                    netbizfunds Newbie

                    Hello Christine,



                    I understand your points and Yes I can arrange the finace (300K) you are requesting at this time. What you have to do right now is send me an email with the info you have already provided. Do that now so we may proceed further. My email address is, I will be waiting to hear from you.



                    Yours Truly,
                    Stuart Rice.