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    Startup Capital for Small Business

    mharvey Wayfarer
      I am wanting to start a small business. A tattoo shop. My husband and i have been working on a business plan for some time now. I am wondering the options of startup capital. I am worried that because of our credit scores, we are going to be unable to do that. Also, we are not able to ask friends or family for help. I do however have a trust account that was setup for me when my father passes away. The problem with that is I am only allowed a certain amount at certain ages. I have already asked about opening a business with that money, but the trustee has immediately shut me down saying that it's too much of a risk. I have no idea what else to do. I don't want to partner with anyone because when that happens in tattoo shops, partners who have no idea about the industry try to take over. We have had it happen before at previous shops we have worked at. I am just wondering if there are any ideas. I have no idea what to do, and i am starting to believe what i did was a waste of time.
      Also i am wondering about business credit. How does that play a role? Do you need it to start a business?