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    The Billionaire CEO Suggests...

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      How to recondition your mind for success...


      1. Understand the law of attraction and the power of
      positive thinking... if you think positively... positive things will attract to
      you... if you think negatively, negative things will come to you.


      2. Meditate... meditation activates your reticular
      activation cells in your non-conscious mind which are some of your most
      powerful memory cells, and are untapped in day to day thinking... as these cells
      become conditioned over a lifetime they non consciously make the decisions... the
      results are the actions you proceed to do.. if you train these cells and tap
      into them through meditation... you will become a business money making machine


      3. Practice Affirmations.... tell yourself repetitively that
      you will accomplish X and you will accomplish X by doing Y... you will set a
      mental non-conscious standard for yourself, which will push you to achieve
      whatever it is you want to do.


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