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    Company with nearly same name in another country

    bettybooplove Newbie
      I'm about to incorporate my cosmetics company in the U.S. and call it, for sake of example, "Great Day Organics." No corporation in my state has that name, but there's an Ltd company called "Great Day" in England. They sell mostly natural, and some organic, health supplements. Is this a problem?
      I don't think it is because we sell different products. I will not sell supplements or anything that is ingested.
      The similarity, though, is that we are both sellers of organic products and this has me worried. Could they claim that my name, "Great Day Organics," capitalizes on any success they have selling organic items?

      They don't have a website and I have never seen their products for sale in the U.S., but that doesn't mean they don't sell here. They are sold on the web via a UK-based retail vitamin website. I plan on selling in stores and on the web at (example name, only).

      What do you think?