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    Need some extra money to help your business grow?

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      Looking For a Business Loan?


      Get merchant account financing against your Visa and MasterCard sales instead. Sell us your future credit card receivables for cash today. We provide working capital to all types of business including restaurants and retailers.


      Receive up to $1,000,000
      per location today!


      Concerned about your credit?
      No problem. We have a 95% approval rate.


      Need funds in a hurry?
      We typically can provide funds in 7 days or less.


      AMC Global Funding is a leading provider of working capital to businesses against their future credit card processing sales. We are one of the only merchant cash advance providers in the country that can provide working capital against all credit card types including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Sell your future credit card transactions for cash today.


      The #1 alternative to a business loan is our business cash advance program.


      Our program offers:

      • 95% Approval Rate (you must be current with your landlord and have no open bankruptcies)
      • Funds typically available in 7 days or less
      • Up to $25 million per location (the amount we can advance you is based on how much monthly credit card sales you process each month)
      • Depending on your business type, we can typically advance you up to 20% - 30% more than your business' monthly processing average
      • No fixed payment schedule‚ we get paid only when you get paid
      • You are free to use the funds however you choose
      Program Requirements:
      • You must have a merchant account processing Visa and MasterCard for at least 60 days
      • You must be current with your landlord (we do perform a landlord verification call)
      • You can not have any open bankruptcies in the last 12 months
      AMC Global Funding (AMCGF) is a leading provider of merchant cash advances to small and mid-sized businesses. AMCGF specializes in providing merchant cash advances to business owners in search of the working capital they need in order to expand and grow their businesses.

      If you are interested in this or if you are looking for cash in other ways not listed, still feel free giving me a call, my name is Douglas Krakie, Branch Manager you can reach me at (914)712-9750 ext. 103. If you feel more comfortable emailing me, that's ok to, I am here to make you feel at ease with this process. Contact me at any time, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Remember I am here for you.


      AMCGF invests in small and mid-sized businesses by purchasing a portion of their future credit card sales. These assets, which traditional lenders overlook, allow business owners to access capital quickly and easily without leveraging their homes or personal assets.
      If you need cash for your business now, let us help. We'll get you the money you need - fast! You pay us back with a small percentage of your future credit card sales until the advance is paid in full. To see if our plan is right for you and your business please contact one of our financial representatives.


      AMC Global Funding, Inc. has been around for 7 years. Our company was founded by Victor A. Rodriguez and Mel Grey in New York (Westchester County). We have 12 branches in 9 U.S. states and Canada and we are still growing. We are known for our relaxed cash advance approval methods, speedy turnaround time, confidentiality, and our close relationships with our clients. 85% of our clients are composed of repeat business... our clients become our friends!